Eight Reasons to Use ABAP Objects for Developers

It is a puzzling phenomenon. SAP introduced ABAP Objects, the object-oriented (OO) extension to the ABAP programming language, some time ago as part of SAP Basis Release 4.6. ABAP developers, in turn, gained the ability to tap into the myriad merits of OO programming, which significantly improves productivity by speeding development time and increasing application maintainability. Yet many ABAP developers still cling to the long-standing procedural approach to ABAP development – because that’s the way they’ve always done it, it works, and they see no reason to change – leaving the OO capabilities of ABAP Objects untapped. This article aims to change that by showing you just what you have to gain, and how to make the leap.

Most of the existing articles on OO programming in ABAP are rather abstract and use simplified examples that have no relevance to actual business programming. By using an example that is both simple and practical to compare and contrast procedural ABAP programming and programming with ABAP Objects, this article clearly demonstrates the advantages you can gain from using ABAP Objects.

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