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SAP Configuration Process for Novice Users

The objective of this configuration set is to teach the basics of SAP navigation, demonstrate the creation and configuration of a new company in the system, show process flow and structure, and finally to show how many common administrative functions are performed via the SAP R/3 system. The exercises are intended to aid even the most novice SAP user in becoming familiar with the configuration and implementation environment.

  • Section 1: This section provides an introduction to SAP Configuration Process and Company Code configuration.
  • Section 2: This section provides the presentation and exercises for Defining Plants and Buyers.
  • Section 3: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for: Status Variants, General Ledger Accounts, Vendor Creation and Defining Material Types, Groups, and Master Records.
  • Section 4: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for: Posting Periods, Tolerance Groups, Number Ranges – Accounting Document Entries, Postings, Vendors Accounts – Inventory Management and Tolerance Limits – Assign Valuation Grouping Code, Maintain Automatic Postings for Goods Movement to G/L Accounts.
  • Section 5: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for: Ceating/Assigning Tax Codes – Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt, Invoice Receipt, Post Outgoing Payment – Create Controlling Area, and Cost Center Stand Hierarchy – Maintain Cost Center Hierarchy, Create Alternative Cost Center Group, Create Primary and Secondary Cost Elements, Create Cost Element Groups – Create Statistical Figure, create Number Ranges for Controlling, and Display Line Items.
  • Section 6: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for Statistical Key Figure and Distribution Cycles – Assessment Cycles – Internal Orders – Create Internal Order – Plant Parameters.
  • Section 7: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for: Set Control Parameters, Create MRP views, and run MRP – Create Bill of Material – Controlling Activity Type – Create Work Center – Create and Display Routings – Run MRP, Convert Planned Order toProduction Order, Settle Costs of Production Order – Creating the Sales Organization Structure – Creating a Sales Office.
  • Section 8: This section provides presentation and exercise materials for: Shipping Point and Loading Point – Creating Sales Views for Trading and Finished Goods Records – Creating A/R Reconciliation Accounts and P&L Accounts – Creating and Defining the Attributes of aCustomer – Shipping Point Determination and Revenue Account Assignment Key Creation.
  • Section 9: This file provides the exercises for Inquiries, Stock Status, Delivery for Sales Order, Picking Materials on Delivery Note, Post Goods Issue, Billing and Receiving Payment.
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