The following table lists frequently used transactions codes for Materials Management module in SAP.

Materials Management Master Data Transactions

Material Master    

MM01 Create Material Master

MM02 Change Material Master

MM50 Extend Material Views

MMPV Close Period For Materials

MM06 Flag For Deletion – Material

MM17 Mass Maintenance – Material

MM71 Archive/Delete – Material

MM72 Display Archive
Vendor Master    

MK01 Create Vendor – Purchasing

MK02 Change Vendor – Purchasing

MK05 Vendor Block – Purchasing

MK06 Flag for Deletion – Purchasing

XK01 Create Vendor – Central

XK02 Change Vendor – Central

XK05 Vendor Block – Central

XK06 Flag for Deletion – Central

XK99 Mass Maintenance – Vendor Record
Customer Master

VD01 Create Customer Master Data – Sales Area

VD02 Change Customer Master Data – Sales Area

XD01 Create Customer Master Data – Complete

XD02 Change Customer Master Data – Complete
Info Record

ME11 Create Info Record

ME12 Change Info Record

ME15 Flag for Deletion – Info Record

MEMASSIN Mass Maintenance – Info Record
Source List

ME01 Maintain Source List

ME0M Maintain Source List By Material

ME05 Generate Source List

ME06 Analyze Source List

ME07 Reorganise Source List
Quota Arrangement

MEQ1 Maintain Quota Arrangement

MEQM Maintain Quota Arrangement By Material

MEQ6 Analyze Quota Arrangement

MEQ8 Monitor Quota Arrangement

MEQ7 Delete Quota Arrangement
Batch Data    

CT04 Define Batch Characteristics

CL02 Define Batch Classes

MSC1N Create Batch

MSC2N Change and Classify Batch
Message Conditions    

MN01 Create Message Condition – RFQ

MN02 Change Message Condition – RFQ

MN04 Create Message Condition – Purchase Order

MN05 Change Message Condition – Purchase Order

MN07 Create Message Condition – Scheduling Ag.

MN08 Change Message Condition – Scheduling Ag.

MN10 Create Message Condition – Delivery Sched.

MN11 Change Message Condition – Delivery Sched.


Materials Management Other Frequently Used Transactions

Reorder Point Planning

MD14 Convert Planned Order to Purchase Requisition

MD15 Collective Conversion to Purchase Requisition
  MD12 Delete Individual Planned Order
  MD20 Create Planning File Entries
  MDAB Planning File Entries (background)
  MD01 Total Planning Online
  MDBT Total Planning (background)
  MD03 Single Item, Single Level Planning
  MD08 MRP Reorganisation List

ME51N Create Requistion

ME52N Change Requistion

MEMASSRQ Mass Maintenance Requisition

ME56 Assign Source of Supply

ME57 Assign and Process
RFQ Process    

ME41 Create Request For Quotation

ME42 Change Request For Quotation

ME9A Print RFQ

ME47 Maintain Quotation

ME49 Price Comparison
Scheduling Agreement

ME31L Create Scheduling Agreement

ME32L Change Scheduling Agreement

ME9L Print Scheduling Agreement

ME38 Maintain Delivery Schedule

ME9E Print Delivery Schedule
Purchase Order

ME58 Create PO via Assignment List

ME59N Create PO Automatic from Req

ME21N Create PO for Vendor

ME22N Change Purchase Order

ME9F Print Purchase Order

MEMASSPO Mass Maintenance PO

Release Purchase Order

ME29N Release PO Individual

ME28 Collective Release PO
Goods Receipt    

MIGO Goods Receipt for PO
Invoice Matching

MIRO Enter Invoice & Maintenance

MRBR Release Blocked Invoices

MR8M Cancel Invoice
Stock Movements

MB1A Goods Issues

MBST Cancel / Reverse Goods Movement

MB1B Transfer Postings (Stock and Status)
Consignment Stocks  

MRKO Consignment Settlement
Physical Inventory  

MI01 Create Count Document

MI02 Change Count Documeny

MI21 Print Physical Inventory Document

MI04 Enter Count

MI05 Change Count

MI11 Recount

MI07 Post Differences

MI20 Differences List