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SAP Smart Forms Advantages over SAPscripts

Introduced with SAP 4.6c release, Smartforms is a tool to create and maintain reports.  SAPscript is the classic form processing tool. Compared each other, Smart forms have the following advantages;

  • With Smart Forms it is easier to customize forms with more functionalities, ie table creation with Table Painter.
  • SAP Smart Forms objects are repository objects and are connected to the transport system to ensure that a transport to the production system is possible
  • Unlike SAPscript, you do not have to know scripting commands to  to perform your tasks. ABAP codes also can be used in Smart Forms.
  • Multiple page formats are available in Smartforms which is not in SAPscript.
  • Routines can be written in Smart Forms tool.
  • Smart Forms generate a functional key when activated.
  • You can download Smart Forms to your local hard disk in XML format

eCATT Equivalents of CATT Commands and Variables

At the files below you will find the list of CATT commands and their eCATT equivalents. And for the variables, CATT variables are renamed in eCATT to mainly to give them English names rather than German. The table attached below list most of the changes including the loss of CATT variable which has no equivalent in eCATT. Read more

Speed Up Your Workflow With Keyboard Shortcuts

Except from the Time Saving Transactions, do you also know there are other shortcuts that are handy for saving your time ? As almost of us use shortcuts on many softwares, especially in Office Programs. Admittedly, the time we divide between our keyboard and mouse can not be negligible. The solution here is to activate “Use Accelerator Keys”; that is your another arm :-)

Before listing shortcuts here, please make sure you activated shourtcuts. Press “Alt+F12” and open Customizing Local Layout menu, then click Options and select Cursor tab. Tick Use Accelerator Keys, apply and exit. So below are shortcuts you can use: Read more

What is SOP?

Suitable for long/medium-term planning, with an aim to streamline a company’s ‘Sales and Operational Planning, SOP’ is a forecasting tool enabling you to set up sales, production, and other supply chain targets based on existing, future, or historical data. SOP is most suitable for planning finished goods, and not for material component planning.

SOP plans are passed on to Demand Management (DEM) in the form of independent requirements, which in turn is fed into MPS (Master Production Scheduling) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning). The results of SOP can be passed on to profitability analysis, cost center accounting, and activity-based costing.

SOP contains two application components; namely, Standard SOP (PP-SOP) and Flexible Planning (LO-LIS-PLN). The Standard SOP comes pre-configured with the system. Flexible planning can be configured in a variety of ways.


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