Latest patch level 11 for SAP GUI 7.4 is uploaded and added to links.

What is Document in SAP?

SAP is based on the ‘document principle’ meaning that a document is created out of every business transaction in the system. The Document is the result of a posting in accounting in SAP, and is the connecting link between various business operations. There are two types of documents:

  1. Original Documents: these documents relate to the origin of business transactions such as invoices, receipts, statement of accounts from bank, etc.
  2. Processing Documents: These include ‘accounting documents’ generated from postings in the system, ‘reference documents,’ ‘sample documents,’ etc. The processing documents other than the accounting ones are also known as ‘special documents’ and they aid in the simplification of document entry in the system.

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Batch Data Communication/Batch Input/Inbound-Outbound

When a company decides  to  implement  the SAP R/3 to manage business critical data,  it usually does not start from a no-data situation. Normally, a SAP R/3 project comes into replace or complement existing application. In the process of replacing current applications and transferring application  data, two situations might occur:

  • The first is when application data to be replaced  is transferred at once, and only once.
  • The second situation is to transfer data periodically from external systems to SAP and vice versa.
  • There  is a period of   time when  information has  to be  transferred  from existing application, to SAP R/3, and often this process will be repetitive.

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Materials Management (MM) Integration in Other Modules

  • Integration in Financial Accounting

Purchasing maintains data on the vendors that are defined in the system jointly with Finance. Information on each vendor is stored in a vendor master record that contains both accounting and procurement information. The vendor master record represents the creditor account in Finance.

  • Integration in Sales and Distribution

Within the framework of materials planning and control, a requirement that has arisen in the Sales area can be passed on to purchasing. In addition, when a requisition is created, it can be directly assigned to a sales order. As soon as you enter a sales order, you can initiate a dynamic availability check of on hand stock. Read more

Weekly SDN Blog Updates: Barcode for Smartforms, Text Objects, ABAP Objects and more

Welcome to this week’s wrapup. There are a lot of updates;

  1. BARCODE In Smartforms: How to create, customize BARCODe in Smartforms
  2. This blog explains the creation of a BARCODE in smartforms and a Method to change TIMEZONE in SAP as well. Helpful documents for ABAP community creating smartforms with specific BARCODE functionality as asked by certain clients.

  3. Questioning Skills of Consultants; Asking the Right questions
  4. This blog discusses the approach of asking the right questions by Business Analysts and Technical developers to the right stakeholders.

  5. SAP + BusinessObjects = BI Self Services?
  6. Please read this blog if you want understand why summation of SAP and BusinessObjects is BI Self Services but not something else Read more


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