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ALE Scenario Development Guide

   Introduction to ALE Development

          ALE Example

   Outbound Processing

          Create IDoc type (WE30) Client independent

          Create message type (WE81) Client independent

          Configuring the Distribution Model

          Populate & distribute IDoc using ABAP Read more

Condition Types

Condition Types:

>    The condition type determines the category of a condition and how it is used.
>    The calculation type and the scale base type can be controlled for each condition type.
For Example: Scale for Condition Type PROO

1 Pieces 800 Unit
10 Pieces 750 Unit
100 Pieces 700 Unit

>    Possible scale base types       Possible calculation types
Value                            Percentage from an initial value  Fixed amount
Quantity                        Amount per unit of measure
Weight                          Amount per unit of weight
Volumes                        Amount per unit of volume
Time period                   Quantity per unit of time Read more

Condition Tables

Condition Table:

  • Condition records are always created using a specific key.
  • Use tables for help in defining the structure of condition record keys
  • The most important fields used in pricing at header and item level are available in the standard system.
  • As of R/3 Release 4.5, you can also add non-key fields to the condition tables. This is the case, for example, in condition table 144, which is used within the price book (condition type PBUD).
  • The key fields of a condition table must appear at the start of the table, in other words, non-key fields must not appear between any two key fields.
  • Condition table: The definition of the key of the condition record.

Availability Check (ATP) & Transfer of Requirement (TOR)


Types of Availability Check in Sales and Distribution

ProcessingThere are three types of availability check:
_ Check on the basis of the ATP quantities
_ Check against product allocation
_ Check against planning
The following SD-specific control features need to be maintained in Customizing: Read more


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