Latest patch level 12 for SAP GUI 7.4 is uploaded and added to links.

Step by Step Guide to SAP SD Organizational Structure Configuration

In this step-by-step guide with screenshots and notes, you will learn how to configure organizational elements of SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. Following is the content covered in this document:

  • How to define sales organization
  • How to assign sales organization to company code
  • How to define distribution channel
  • How to define division
  • How to assign division to sales organization
  • How to set up sales area
  • How to maintain sales office
  • How to assign sales office to sales area
  • How to assign sales organization – distribution channel – plant
  • How to assign sales area to credit control area

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Module Pool in ABAP: Introductory Presentation for Beginners

Module Pool Program (also called Online programs , dialog programs, or transactions) is a collection of screens (the actual, physical image that the users sees), their Flow Logic(code behind the screens ), and the code within the main ABAP program.

In this up-to-date training presentation you will find handy notes on:

  • Tools used in ABAP Development Workbench for creating module pool,
  • Step by step guide to developing Screens
  • Menu Painter
  • PBO Event
  • PAI Event and more…

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SAP Country India Version (CIN) Overview Training Presentation

In this presentation, you will find well noted instructions related to India localization, which is knowns as CIN, in SAP. After reading this document, you will get fair knowledge about:

  • India Legal Requirements Overview: CENVAT (Excise), VAT (Central Sales Tax), Service Tax, Cenvat Credit
  • Logistics Process Overview: Excise Procurement Scenarios..
  • Utilization
  • Extended Withholding Tax

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SAP ABAP for Newbies: Introductory Slides

In this post, you will find links to set of ABAP presentations of following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and First Program
  • Chapter 2: Tools in the Development Environment
  • Chapter 3: Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 4: Database Access
  • Chapter 5: Dynamic Programs
  • Chapter 6: Specialities for ERP Software
  • Chapter 7: ABAP Objects and BSP

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