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SAP Business One PP-MRP Module Training Manual

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module in SAP Business One enables users to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process. In this guide you will find instructions in details with screenshots for the following procedures

  • Material Requirement Forecast
  • Material Requirement Planning Wizard
  • Material Order Recommendation Report

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SAP SD Enterprise Structure Overview Presentation

This document provides instructions for the purpose and assignment of enterprise structures required for processing documents and master data in Sales and Distribution (SD) module in SAP. The essential characteristics of each organizational elements are described with detailed descriptions and organizational scheme images. Also menu paths are provided for Configuration of SAP SD Organization Structures.

  • Introduction to SAP SD Organizational Structure
  • Objectives & Operational target
  • Organizational structure overview
  • Organizational structure for Sales
  • Organizational structure for Logistics
  • Organizational structure for Service
  • Demo Business Case

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SAP HR Payroll End User Manual

This sample Payroll Process Manual is intended to assist end users in the SAP HR Payroll module with clear description and screenshots in each topic listed below.

  1. Basic Pay
  2. Recurring Payment / Deduction
    • Maintain Allowances/Deduction (Amount)
    • Maintain Position Allowence (POSA) and Length of Service Allowence (LOSA)
  3. Additional Payment / Deduction
    • Maintain Allowances/Deduction (Amount)
  4. Off-Cycle Payment
  5. Employee Renumeration Info
  6. Tax Data
  7. Previous Employment Details
  8. Mass Processing Data
  9. Payroll Processing
    • Payroll Control Record
    • Flow Payroll
    • Payroll Simulation
    • Release Payroll
    • Run Payroll
    • Payroll Correction
    • Exit Payroll
    • Troubleshooting
  10. Off-Cycle Processing
    • Off-Cycle Simulation
    • Run Off-Cycle Payroll
  11. Renumeration Statement / Payslip
  12. General Payrol Report
  13. Bank Transfer Process and Report
  14. Wage Type Reporter
  15. AD-HOC Query
  16. Posting to Accounting
  17. Tax Report

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Sample BBP Documents for SAP FI Submodules GL-AA-AP-AR

The content of these SAP FI Blueprint documents forms the basis and the guidelines for the subsequent realization phase. Documents aims to describe the future business solution for SAP.  The scope is examined in terms of the processes, IT functions, technology, organization, method, and deliverables for the submodules of SAP Finance as:

  • General Ledger
  • Asset Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

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