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ABAP for Beginners

Don’t know anything about SAP or ABAP ? Never seen ABAP code before and you think it is too difficult for a beginner ? A consultant from Accenture Consulting Company like you shares his experiments in this document.

The author aims to help the beginners to learn the basis of the ABAP code, with a lot of easy examples and not forgetting the little details that often are missing in the specialized texts.

  • How to create a new program
  • Variables and constants: Types of data, Data definition
  • Working with strings
  • Working with strings: Features, Example
  • Control instructions: IF instruction, Case instruction
  • Tables: Internal tables, Database tables, Example
  • Parameters and Selection-Screen: Parameters, Select-options, Selection-screen, Example
  • Form and functions
  • Error messages
  • OUTPUT: Simple view, ALV view, ALV view in POPUP
  • File: Declaration, Upload a file from UNIX, Upload a file from DOS, Download a file in UNIX, Download a file in DOS,
  • ABAP Debugger

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Simplify the Translation Process with Hovitaga Translation Tool

This free report helps a lot with translation of ABAP developments. Many times it is time consuming to find out what exactly needs to be translated. Let’s say a business analysts sends you the German equivalents of all the English texts on a screen. How do you know what to translate? Text symbols of the report? Data element labels? Message classes? Screen painter texts?

This report makes easy to find this out. Simply enter filter criteria to select the objects to translate. The report can search for objects based on TADIR and based on the CTS too (table E071).
I’ve created a simple test report called ZTRANSLATION_TEST for translation from English to German:
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How to Use LSMW ? Yet Another Step by Step Guide For Beginners

LSMW is one of SAP’s best data conversion and master data creation tools. It is available for most R/3 master and transactional data. LSMW can be used for most conversion and migration tasks and can be accomplished with standard functionality. With a little ABAP coding, you can use LSMW for more complex data conversion activities.

The information below will walk you through the process of creating a simple LSMW. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to see how useful the tool can be and how LSMW is the right choice for most conversion and migration!

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LSMW Steps for Uploading General Ledger (GL) Master Data in SAP

Not broken into much details but if you are familiar with LSMW Tool, this document will be handy for you to manage uploading General Ledger Master Data in SAP. This document comprises of two parts, in first part author demonstrate recording tool with creating dummy GL Master Data, and then in the second part you maintain famous 14 steps of LSMW tool. Short notes and clear screenshots are provided for each step.
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Step by Step Query Creation Guide Using SAP Standart Reports

Queries in SAP are useful for creating reports without having ABAP Programming knowledge. It is a very simple tool to generate complex reports for fetching data from various tables in SAP. One can either create a report or use the existing standard report to create a report that suits the needs.

This document explains how to copy standard query to generate reports with screenshots.

  • Create Infoset
  • Create User Group
  • Create Query
  • Create Transaction Code to View Query

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SAP Report Painter: A Scenario Based Step by Step Tutorial

Being mainly used for creating Controlling Module (cost center accounting, internal orders, profit center accounting), Report Painter is a tool for quickly defining reports across rows and columns in the information system. In this document, based on a scenario you will learn how to develop a custom report using Report Painter.

  • Display Library [GR23]
    • Characteristics, Key Figures,
  • Create Variables  [GS11]
  • Create Report [GRR1]
  • Report Group [GR52]
  • Transporting Reports [GCTR]

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LSMW Tutorial: Step by Step Uploading Bill of Materials

LSMW tool in SAP, is used to migrate data from legacy systems to R/3 . Four methods are supported in LSMW for transfer of data: Batch Input, BAPI, IDOC or Direct Input. Total of 26 processing steps are available in LSMW, In case of data transfer using Batch Input only 14 steps are required.

In this tutorial, you will be provided a step by step guide to uploading Bill of Material (BOM) data using LSMW tool.
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