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Module Pool in ABAP: Introductory Presentation for Beginners

Module Pool Program (also called Online programs , dialog programs, or transactions) is a collection of screens (the actual, physical image that the users sees), their Flow Logic(code behind the screens ), and the code within the main ABAP program.

In this up-to-date training presentation you will find handy notes on:

  • Tools used in ABAP Development Workbench for creating module pool,
  • Step by step guide to developing Screens
  • Menu Painter
  • PBO Event
  • PAI Event and more…

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SAP ABAP for Newbies: Introductory Slides

In this post, you will find links to set of ABAP presentations of following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and First Program
  • Chapter 2: Tools in the Development Environment
  • Chapter 3: Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 4: Database Access
  • Chapter 5: Dynamic Programs
  • Chapter 6: Specialities for ERP Software
  • Chapter 7: ABAP Objects and BSP

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Best Practices & Learning’s On SAP ABAP: Hardcoding Angels & Demons

The word “hard-coding” will make any SAP consultant serious. Consultants always doubt the enhancement / reports / programs which has hard coded logic. Because they believe that it may work temporarily and not a permanent solution to the requirement. So, should it be avoided 100%? As per SAP experience of this document’s author, hard coding has not to be avoided 100%. Hard coding has to be used in most of the ABAP programming to meet the requirement. But the ABAP consultant has to understand what can be hard coded, how and why? Author of this document aims to differentiate good and bad practices of hard coding in this document.

This document is intended for ABAP consultants. Also, will help the functional consultant to prepare a better functional specification to avoid reworking. The document will help the consultant to understand the hard coding concept with some samples which are taken from the SAP projects.

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Step by Step Guide to Creating Include & Append Structure in SAP ABAP

Structure is a database object which is a group of fields which can be used in multiple tables in SAP ABAP. The advantage of structure is that it is reusable in multiple tables. The difference between the table and structure is , structure can hold single record only where as a table can hold multiple record.

In this document, you will find step-by-step guide to structure implementation in two ways:

  • Include structure: This option is used only for Custom Tables (i. e. the name starting with Z or Y). These include structure can be reusable.
  • Append structure:This option used only with STANDARD SAP TABLES. The Append Structures are not reusable

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Comprehensive ABAP Dictionary Exercises Document for Beginners

In this document you will find a set of ABAP Dictionary sample exercises with solutions, step-by-step screenshots and in-depth explanations. In exercises you will do practices for following scenarios:

Exercises in first chapter will teach you how to create and manipulate the basic objects to be used for a simplified payroll processing system in ABAP Dictionary: tables, data elements, and domains. You will also enter data into one of your tables, and you will learn how to write a simple program that extracts data from an ABAP Dictionary table.

In addition to exercises in first chapter, you will take a step further by establishing appropriate foreign keys in the ABAP Dictionary in second chapter.

In chapter 3 you will become familiar with manipulating existing tables, their structures, and their data.

In chapter 4 you will learn how to creat and use structures (tables of type INTTAB) in SAP.

The purpose of chapter 5 is to give you experience using the ABAP Repository Information System. This facility can provide a great deal of information on objects created and maintained within SAP.

and you will find more minor exercises in this document…

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Examples on Object Oriented Programming in ABAP: A Must Document

Providing examples on OOPS in SAP ABAP, entire content on this document has been designed and documented in such a way that the reader can easily grasp the matter and implement it in his course of learning. You will find notes of individual sections in detail and examples illustrating the important concepts.

  • Classes
  • Methods
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Friendship between classes
  • Events
  • Class-Based Exceptions
  • BADIs ( Business Add-Ins)

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ALE / IDoc Examples Documents for Novice ABAP Users

This document aims to help the ABAPers to set up the necessary configurations to send IDoc from one system to another. This document will provide developers a good starting point on how to start and where to start after studying all the theoretical aspects of ALE/IDoc.

Scope of scenarios on EDI systems is outside the scope of this document. Also, sending Idoc by message control mechanism is not described here. Not there is any discussion of sending Idoc using BAPI.

  • Client to Client ALE Setup
  • System to System ALE Setup
  • Two way Server to Server Communication with IDoc
  • Some important topics on IDoc
  • Developing and Transmitting New IDoc
  • Standard SAP Idoc Extension
  • Configurations and Programmings to Maintain Change Documents for new information
  • Configuring and Developing for Change Pointers for a custom message type
  • Downloading IDoc into Application server

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