BEx Query Designer Presentations for Beginners

The BEx-Query Designer is used to prepare analysis – known as queries – of all data stored in the SAP BW. The Query Designer can be invoked via the Web or from MS Excel or can be installed as a desktop application. After the Query Designer has been started, the Open dialog allows a fast access to the InfoProviders in the SAP BW and the queries already present.

This presentation package consists of the following topics:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to BW Reporting: You will be introduced to BW architecture and objects used in SAP BW: InfoObject, InfoCube, Infoprovider and ODS…
  • Unit 2 – BEx query Designer: This presentations gives a brief definition of BEx Query Designer and basic steps required to create, change and display a Query
  • Unit 3 – Calculated and Restricted KEy Figures: Learn what Calculated and Restricted Key Figures are and know their properties. Structures and Cell Editor also covered in this unit
  • Unit 4 – Properties and Attributes of Characteristics: Get a brief overview of Attributes and properties of the Display Hierarchy
  • Unit 5 – Variables: Learn what variables are used in Query Designer
  • Unit 6 – Query Properties: After reading this unit you will be able to understand the purpose of setting parameters under General, Display and Extended properties.
  • Unit 7 – Exceptions and Conditions: What are Exceptions and Conditions ? Read this unit and learn how to create them.

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Visual Composer Installation and Configuration Guide

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer provides a development environment for rapidly creating and adapting model-based transactional and analytical applications. It can be used by a range of users – from business analysts to experienced developers – to create enterprise applications using standardized components that meet SAP standards and quality criteria. As the organization’s business objectives evolve, these applications can be subsequently customized and continuously changed using Visual Composer.

Visual Composer is delivered and installed as an integral part of the EP usage type that is part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0. The Visual Composer client accesses Visual Composer Storyboard through a web browser with network access to the Visual Composer server. Read more

Managing BW Transports

The objective of this document is to provide guidelines on how to perform transports in BW and how to manage them. This material is organized into 3 categories:

  • General – This section includes information that applies to both initial and on-going transports
  • Initial Transports – There are additional steps to prepare for transporting to a new BW environment during the life of a project. In some cases, some of these steps are required for a project sharing an existing BW environment if new connections are added. The audience of this section are new projects getting ready to mass migrate to Test and Production.
  • On-Going Transports – Once a project is implemented, there are additional processes and change control procedures to follow. The audience of this section is DW support team.

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SAP Visual Composer : Introduction, Architecture And Opportunities

Visual Composer has been a packaged component of SAP NetWeaver 2004 since its release in 2005. SAP has hailed Visual composer as the tool set that “lets IT Specialists and Business Analysts create model-based, flexible applications – quickly, without writing a single line of code. The result is streamlined business processes, lower IT development costs, and satisfied employees and customers.” This is a quite appealing statement as lifting the reliance on programmers and having satisfied employees and customers must be every manager’s dream. However, many questions remain.

  • What exactly is Visual Composer?
  • Is it really possible to get away with “no coding” – i.e. should you sack all your ABAP and web programmers?
  • How does it work?
  • What are its limitations?
  • And most importantly what are some of the potential opportunities Visual Composer opens up in your organisation?

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IBM- SAP Java Monitoring & Tuning Guide

This paper is primarily intended for pSeries Sales Specialists who would like to know more about the new SAP Technology Application Framework.

The goal of this paper is to provide the audience with material that will help them understand the most important elements of the SAP NetWeaver Application Framework, and how to combine these elements with the strengths of the IBM pSeries platform.

The SAP NetWeaver Application Platform presents  a new framework consisting of several different elements. This paper will focus on the J2EE engine, which is the central and most interesting element of the latest SAP Java announcement.

This paper will provide the reader with an overview of the most important features of the J2EE engine Read more

SAP BW Project Plan Methodology:Complete Manual


Ready access to information about an organization’s business, products and customers is a key element in supporting decision making. When searching for information to support business decisions in today’s dynamic global business environment, many business users find that the traditional sources of data – transaction-based systems – are inadequate in content, accessibility, form, performance and availability. The problem often lies not with the data or its source, but in the limitations of current technology to bring together information from many disparate systems. Increasingly, the solution to these problems is data warehousing. Read more