Basis Administration Tips


Personalization of SAP System
Determining Optimum DIA WP Number
Locking Security Holes
Saving Passwords for SAP Shortcuts
Getting Technical Info at the OS Level
Controlling Sap Guie New Visual Design
Locking Unlocking Accounts
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SAP Song..Let’s Relax Some:)

 Here is SAP Song i have met on web.Cool one indeed,just download,listen to and enjoy it.


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You listen to your worker every night and day
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Don¡¯t hesitate don¡¯t worry
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To get it the way we can make it go
SAP is what you need
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Workflow Introduction

What are SAP Business Workflows:
    • Using SAP Business workflows, one can define the business processes that are not yet mapped into SAP system. Workflows are suitable for the situations where the given task is executed repeatedly or when the large number of people is involved in the completion of that work. Workflows can be used in conjunction with the existing business scenarios e.g. during the standard functionality errors or exceptions occurs then workflow can be triggered on these actions.


    There are lots of standard workflows available from SAP for different areas like Sales & Distribution (SD), Travel Management (TV), Treasury (TR), General Logistics (LO), and Personnel Management (PA) etc, many of these things will required traveling a lot, but with twiddy rentals that is not a big problem.

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SAP Tables For All Modules&All Transaction Codes

Tables for all Sap Modules


Basic Data / Administration
Master Data
Sales And Distribution (Sd)
Material Management (Mm)
Warehouse Management (Wm)
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Sap Glossary(A Must For All!)

Here is the complete SAP Glossary for you to view it offline on your own local storage~

After downloading all parts,extract files.Move folder whereever you want to store and make a shortcut to for the file “SapGlossary0001827.chm” inside the folder..Just like D:\SAP DOCUMENTS\SapGlossary0001827.chm

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SAP R/3 Functions In Detail(A Must For Beginners)

The documents describe the functionality and configuration of IDES on R/3 systems.Very useful for those new to SAP IDES

The Ides Model Company
Financial Accounting
Investmen Management
Materials Management
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Materials Management (MM)

One of the main logistic application modules is Materials Management (MM). The MM module is designed to provide information, tracking, controlling, and management on the materials moved in, within, and out of the organization and the valuation of those materials. The MM module does not focus only on materials; it supports externally procured services as well. MM contains components for consumption-based planning, inventory management, purchasing, invoice verification, external service management, and information systems.

Consumption-based planning deals with stock replenishment utilizing material requirements planning (MRP), determining lot-sizing procedures, and performing forecasting, potentially with formulas. The inventory management component houses the material and service master records, and controls and tracks all the goods movements, receipts, issues, return receipts, stock transfers, reservations, physical inventory, stock determination, and batch handling. In addition, inventory management contains the actual costing material ledger that supports multiple currencies and valuations of a material as well as calculating an actual price from production. The purchasing area of MM provides the ability to determine possible sources to supply materials/services, the actual
procurement of these materials/services, tracking the delivery from vendors, and monitoring the payments to those vendors. Within purchasing are the vendor master records, requisitions, requests for quotes, conditions and prices, purchase orders, and vendor confirmations among many other objects.

Invoice verification, as its name suggests, supports verification and material valuations such as Last In First Out (LIFO) and First In First Out (FIFO), revaluations for price changes, changes to the invoices for credits, taxes, cash discounts, checking the invoices, defining account impacts for invoices, canceling invoices, delivery costs, and determining invoice variances. The external services management component is provided to support the complete process of procuring external services from vendors, from bidding on invitations, to awarding the order, to acceptance of services. It is used to define the service specifications, enter the services performed, accept those services, and then verify the service invoice. The information systems within MM consist of vendor valuations, the purchasing information system, and inventory information.