Customized Transactions:SE93

One of the most asked question in a SAP interview is whether it is possible to have a self defined transaction code in SAP. The answer to the question is simple and if given tactfully can impress the interviewers.

To start with, yes, self-defined reports, transactions or functions are possible within SAP. There might be numerous reasons why a company might go in for customized transaction codes or for that matter reports. Read more

Frequently Used Procedures in SAP

Disable Multiple Logins in the Same Client

To disable multiple user logins within the same client implement this parameter in the instance profile:

login/disable_multi_gui_login = 1

If you do not use this parameter in your system, users have the ability to ignore the warning window at the time they try to login to the same client.

Activating this parameter in your system will make you look good if you get audited! Read more

SAP R/3 System Management;System Administration Tutorial

The course SAP R/3 System Management is intended to give all company employees, working in the area of system administration a thorough overview of all areas within system administration and possibilities of use.

Learn To:

Introduction to the R/3 Basis System.
Architecture/System Landscape.
R/3 Services.
R/3 Networks.
Basic Administration Principles.
Installing the Frontends. Read more

SAP Archiving Pack


Archive Benchmark
Archive QuickWins
Archiving Example
Archiving Strategy for Cost Centers
Archiving Strategy for IDOCs
Archiving Strategy for Payroll Objects – Part I
Archiving Strategy for Payroll Objects – Part II Read more

Introduction to Warehouse and Barcoding


This module introduces Warehouse Operators to the different duties that they will be expected to carry out in the warehouse, with regard to goods receiving, management and issue, and shows how these operations are linked together.

The module then introduces the Warehouse Operators to the barcode scanner and associated equipment. It gives an overview of the various barcode operations to show how and when the barcode scanner is used, safely, in the warehouse at Company. Read more

Basis Administration Tips


Personalization of SAP System
Determining Optimum DIA WP Number
Locking Security Holes
Saving Passwords for SAP Shortcuts
Getting Technical Info at the OS Level
Controlling Sap Guie New Visual Design
Locking Unlocking Accounts
Read more

SAP Song..Let’s Relax Some:)

 Here is SAP Song i have met on web.Cool one indeed,just download,listen to and enjoy it.


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You tell a lot about your e-business history
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But what the hell could be your matched important steps
You listen to your worker every night and day
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But what the hell you ask yourself is real time see I am
Don¡¯t hesitate don¡¯t worry
You can come on and ask us all
We¡¯ve got the answer to your questions
To get it the way we can make it go
SAP is what you need
SAP is the best one Read more