Monday Links Roundup #2: SAP Blueprint, eCATT, Creating InfoObjects, HCM Guides And More..

In this edition of weekly Monday Links Roundup, i tried to summarize top articles i have met on other SAP related sites.

  1. What is SAP Blueprint, eCATTs Basics Series, and you can follow more updates  @ Advanced Solutions
  2. On his way to Basis Certification, author gives insight of his preparation for  exam. How to Pass SAP Certification? See also a Basis exam simulation
  3. Getting error of “System Status CLSD is Active” ? Check SAP-Knowledge site for solution and you can get more regular updates.
  4. Published two years ago, but worth to check with BI topics Non InfoCube InfoProviders, Creating InfoObjects, DP – BW Dimensions and Fact Table
  5. With various topics under How to, Payroll, Infotypes and for more , go through SAP HR/HCM articles

Weekly SDN Blog Updates: ATP in SD, New General Ledger Introduction, EhP1 and more

Sorry for delay, because of some technical problems my site was unavailable for two days. Here are this week’s updates,

  1. Available to Promise (ATP) in SD
  2. Author discusses basics of ATP, along with some configuration.

  3. New General Ledger – Introduction
  4. In this document New General Ledger concept and new functionalities; Document Splitting and Parallel Ledgers are discussed

  5. Allocation Using Fox Formula in SAP BI
  6. This blog tells about use of FOX formula in BI-IP for complex allocation requirements.

  7. FAQ of Service Ticketsd and Service Requests in SAP CRM 7.0
  8. This blog answers common customer inquiries concerning the functionalities of the Service Ticket and the Service Request

  9. Enhancement Package 1 (EhP 1) for SAP Netweaver 7.0 is Up
  10. SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1 now in ramp-up. Author tells about highlights of this new release

  11. How to Resume Workflow Processing?
  12. Get answers to how to delete workflow instance, how to resume workflow processing and how to resume workflow processing after system down

Application Modules

SAP has several layers. The Basis System is the heart of the data operations and should be not evident to higher level or managerial users. Other customizing and implementation tools exist also. The heart of the system from a manager’s viewpoint are the application modules. These modules may not all be implemented in a typical company but they are all related and are listed below:

  • FI Financial Accounting–designed for automated management and external reporting of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other sub-ledger accounts with a user defined chart of accounts. As entries are made relating to sales production and payments journal entries are automatically posted. This connection means that the “books” are designed to reflect the real situation.
  • CO Controlling–represents the company’s flow of cost and revenue. It is a management instrument for organizational decisions. It too is automatically updated as events occur.
  • AM Asset Management–designed to manage and supervise individual aspects of fixed assets including purchase and sale of assets, depreciation and investment management.
  • PS Project System–is designed to support the planning, control and monitoring of long-term, highly complex projects with defined goals.
  • WF Workflow–links the integrated SAP application modules with cross-application technologies, tools and services
  • IS Industry Solutions–combine the SAP application modules and additional industry-specific functionality. Special techniques have been developed for industries such as banking, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • HR Human Resources–is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities.
  • PM Plant Maintenance–In a complex manufacturing process maintenance means more than sweeping the floors. Equipment must be services and rebuilt. These tasks affect the production plans.
  • MM Materials Management–supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations such as purchasing, inventory management, reorder point processing, etc.
  • QM Quality Management–is a quality control and information system supporting quality planning, inspection, and control for manufacturing and procurement.
  • PP Production Planning–is used to plan and control the manufacturing activities of a company. This module includes; bills of material, routings, work centers, sales and operations planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, shop floor control, production orders, product costing, etc.
  • SD Sales and Distribution–helps to optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing. Key elements are; pre-sales support, inquiry processing, quotation processing, sales order processing, delivery processing, billing and sales information system

Monday Links Roundup #1

Apart from the SDN Blog Updates, i thought it would be useful to put articles here from other great SAP related blogs that are really worth to mention. Here is a roundup of the best ones i have collected so far;

  1. Call Rest Services – In his latest ABAP Freak Show episode Thomas Jung explains the configuration and coding steps required to call Rest based Services.
  2. Basis Transaction Code Series – Wow, the guy named Ardhian has already reached his 20 th. episode. He creates step by step user guides for Basis related transactions with screenshots.
  3. How to Apply SAP Patch on SAP Server – Not a new release but worth to mention here. In this article you will be guided to apply SAP Patch on Production Server
  4. Copying SCM / APO Livecache data for SCM 4.0 or higher – Well, this topic is a bit out of my knowledge but you can bet it is a comprehensive guide. See it yourself :)
  5. Distribution of Planned Independent Requirements in MRP – Kowboyz, the author, explains how to break down your Sales and Operations plan and schedule it for MRP. He rarely posts but you can make sure he creates unique contents for SD, MM and PP modules.
  6. This Week in SAP – Get weekly SAP news and cool twitter picks from Michael Koch

More to share next week. If you have or know any SAP related site with unique content , share them with me please.

Weekly SDN Blog Updates: Barcode for Smartforms, Text Objects, ABAP Objects and more

Welcome to this week’s wrapup. There are a lot of updates;

  1. BARCODE In Smartforms: How to create, customize BARCODe in Smartforms
  2. This blog explains the creation of a BARCODE in smartforms and a Method to change TIMEZONE in SAP as well. Helpful documents for ABAP community creating smartforms with specific BARCODE functionality as asked by certain clients.

  3. Questioning Skills of Consultants; Asking the Right questions
  4. This blog discusses the approach of asking the right questions by Business Analysts and Technical developers to the right stakeholders.

  5. SAP + BusinessObjects = BI Self Services?
  6. Please read this blog if you want understand why summation of SAP and BusinessObjects is BI Self Services but not something else Read more

SAP and Football Commercial

I have just met an SAP Commercial at another SAP Blog ITC Server that managed by a Turko like me:) If you can’t see video directly click on post title. It is great!

SAP People to Follow on Twitter

Recently becoming one of the best communication tool, Twitter has been widely used also by a large number of SAP users. Here is the my personal list you should follow to get tips, information and maybe support. The list is not based on the famous users or the ones that have most followers but only i find useful to follow and more importantly they really are knowledgeable folks. You can also find me on twitter at

Not in any particular order;

  1. Jon Reed@Jonerp – Jon Reed of is an SAP Mentor who blogs and podcasts on SAP skills trends, with a dash of BS-Free Web 2.0 bootstrappin’
  2. Mark Finnern@finnern – SAP Chief Community Evangelist aka Community Guy
  3. Craig Cmehil@ccmehil – Community and Technology Evangelist in the Enterprise World
  4. Oliver Kohl@oliver – Coder, Consultant, SAP Mentor, Mac Fanboy, iPhone Addict, Cake Baker, Music Lover & Fashion Victim
  5. Michael Koch@pixelbase – SAP Development Consultant, SAP Mentor
  6. Alvaro Tejada@blag – Senior ABAP Consultant, Scripting Languages Geek, SAP Mentor, Blogger, Programming books author
  7. Thomas Jung@thomas_jung – SAP NetWeaver Product Manager – specializing in Development Tools and UI Strategy
  8. Ram Manohar Tiwari@rmtiwari – Passionate about Programming & SAP . SAP Dev Principal Consultant
  9. Martin Gillet@MGILLETSAP HCM Consultant and trainer, SAP Mentor, Passionate over ERP Processes

This is limited list but another list created by @oliver, you can follow many SAP Mentors, Employee, Consultants at SAP Affinity Group. I do not know the criterias but if you are a usual SAP User just like me, you are not recommended to edit wiki and add your account there. Unique people are there in list!. Instead you can join’s SAP Group