SAP People to Follow on Twitter

Recently becoming one of the best communication tool, Twitter has been widely used also by a large number of SAP users. Here is the my personal list you should follow to get tips, information and maybe support. The list is not based on the famous users or the ones that have most followers but only i find useful to follow and more importantly they really are knowledgeable folks. You can also find me on twitter at

Not in any particular order;

  1. Jon Reed@Jonerp – Jon Reed of is an SAP Mentor who blogs and podcasts on SAP skills trends, with a dash of BS-Free Web 2.0 bootstrappin’
  2. Mark Finnern@finnern – SAP Chief Community Evangelist aka Community Guy
  3. Craig Cmehil@ccmehil – Community and Technology Evangelist in the Enterprise World
  4. Oliver Kohl@oliver – Coder, Consultant, SAP Mentor, Mac Fanboy, iPhone Addict, Cake Baker, Music Lover & Fashion Victim
  5. Michael Koch@pixelbase – SAP Development Consultant, SAP Mentor
  6. Alvaro Tejada@blag – Senior ABAP Consultant, Scripting Languages Geek, SAP Mentor, Blogger, Programming books author
  7. Thomas Jung@thomas_jung – SAP NetWeaver Product Manager – specializing in Development Tools and UI Strategy
  8. Ram Manohar Tiwari@rmtiwari – Passionate about Programming & SAP . SAP Dev Principal Consultant
  9. Martin Gillet@MGILLETSAP HCM Consultant and trainer, SAP Mentor, Passionate over ERP Processes

This is limited list but another list created by @oliver, you can follow many SAP Mentors, Employee, Consultants at SAP Affinity Group. I do not know the criterias but if you are a usual SAP User just like me, you are not recommended to edit wiki and add your account there. Unique people are there in list!. Instead you can join’s SAP Group

Weekly SDN Blog Updates

Day by day i’m diving more into three main pages of SDN; Blogs, Wiki and Forums. Indeed anyone can learn a lot just following  these sections from scracth. By today i will try to collect selective SDN Blog pages that i do regularly follow. This week’s updates;

  1. Why Is My Workflow Not Triggered – Through Event?
  2. This question is commonly asked in the forum. Why is my workflow not triggered? What might be the issue? Where should I start looking into this issue? And how do I fix it? This blog is going to provide you clues to those questions.

  3. Web Dynpro Tip: Increase performance through parallel execution
  4. Backend calls are expensive especially when you do need to execute many after each other. This blog explains how you can execute backend calls in parallel to increase performance in your Web Dynpro application.

  5. MM – Check List to detect and solve Release Strategy Issues
  6. This blog is a check list to detect and solve release strategy issues in the purchasing documents.

  7. Consulting reflections of a newbie
  8. Junior Consulting, First Implementations, Getting to grips with SAP from the ground up, Graduates

  9. Using Rules in Process to filter elements in a list
  10. This blog describes how to filter a list of items based on a set of conditions and set corresponding values using Rules in Process.

Podcasts Wrap-up

When it comes to SAP, everyone wants to know which skills are hot especially during a time of unprecedented economic challenges. Hosted by Jon Reed of, listen to the below podcast to gain insight on what skills are needed in today’s economy, with commentary from PAC’s Peter Russo on global demographic trends in SAP services.

Podcast highlights:
– Impact of Economic Meltdown on Skills Demand
– Hiring Needs of SAP Customers
– 4 Key Areas of Skills Demand
– How to Keep Skills Marketable

Listen to podcast here

Listen to this fun episode as hosts Ed Herrmann & Thomas Jung just shoot the breeze on a mix of topics ranging from hot SAP issues to laid back, general geekiness. They also throw down a polestar challenge to all of the fellow eGheads.

Podcast highlights:

-Welcome to new SAP Mentors
-SAP Launches Online Resource for Academic Community
-Netweaver BI is back to the future with BW
-SAP sustainability

Listen to podcast here

Quick Tips to Seach Google for SAP Documents

Since published my site, i have used google searn in day many times to deliver you documents. Though google provides a lot features in its advanced search, many of us are limitied to use a few words for query and do not use enhanced search features frequently. I will share my own experiences for better search tricks that i most frequently use in my daily search. Read more

Client Concept in SAP

A Client is the top-most organizational structure, which has its own set of master records. A Client is denoted by a 3-character alphanumeric code in SAP, and is a mandatory element. The settings made at the Client level, data maintained, etc., are available across all the Company Codes. A Client should have at least one Company Code defined.

SAP comes delivered with Clients 001 and 002, which contain all the default settings. Usually, copying from the default Clients creates additional and new Clients.

Typically, in SAP, you will have different ‘types’ of Clients; namely:
1. Development Client
2. Test Client
3. Production Client
Read more

SAP Transactions: Definition

 A transaction in SAP is like a program in normal computer languages, and is identified by a four-character transaction code. A transaction can be initiated directly from the command field on the presentation interface or from the corresponding menu option. There are two kinds of transactions: report and dialog transactions.

  • Report transactionsare SAP programs that collect selection parameters from the selection
    screen followed by the output called the lists.
  • Dialog programs consist of more than one interactive screen called a dynpro. These transactions sometimes also need preselected information for triggering them, not unlike the explicit selection screens in report programs; these are called parameter transactions.

Changes, Impacts and Challenges from SAP R/3 to ECC&SOA

In his first part of blog series Ranjan Baghel discusses changes between SAP’s R/3 system and their most recent release, ECC. In the second part his states differences between R/3 system and ECC and in the last part of series he focuses on why there has been a lack of understanding about the capabilities of ECC and how this has had a direct impact on the true realization of SOA. He points out that this lack of awareness is particularly important considering how SOA is actually an integral part of ECC and Business Suite 7 architecture.