SAP FICO Certification Questions Set : Test, True-False, Gap Fill

A Great Bundle Here! There are 16 set of FICO Certification Questions as type of test,true-false and filling gaps for true answer.You will be tested with almost all submodules of FICO as General Ledger, Cost Center Accounting, Funds Management, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank Accounting, Closing Operations, Dunning and so on. You would not want to miss this package ;)
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How to Create Vendor Master Data in SAP

Within this package you will find a presentation to the definition and role of Vendor Master Data in SAP and an end-user training document for creating Vendor Accounting Records, Vendor Master Purchasing Records,  Vendor Master Records Centrally and Master Data Report Read more

FI Quick Reference Cards

These quick reference cards are created by a university for the following transactions

FICO Key Terminology Grid
General User Menus
FBV2 Document List Search
GR55 UK Available Budget
General User Reports
FB02 Change A Posted Read more

Budget Reports Using ZFM01

This transaction will be used to provide your basic reporting requirements for monitoring your budget such as displaying your total budget, actual expenditures, open commitments, and budget balance available for your selected funds center(s). In addition, it will be used to drill down into the line item details of all postings to the selected fund center. It can also provide a report to detail the sources of your budget balance. Read more

Budget Control System(BCS) Training Manual

On November 24, 2008, the SAP Finance system will be migrated from the former budgeting module to the Budget Control System (BCS) module. The transactions that you are currently using within SAP-FI to monitor your budget will be changing. Budget transfers will no longer be parked using FR69. Instead, you will be using the Budgeting Workbench (FMBB) to pre-post your budget transfers.

Similarly, the SAP-FI on-line budget reports will also be changing. Please note that you will continue to use ZBUDSTAT_CF or ZBUDSTAT_EX_CF to view your budgets and transactions for fiscal year 2008 and prior. However, any transactions processed for fiscal year 2009 and after will need to be viewed using transaction ZFM02 or ZFM02_EXP. This training manual is being provided to assist you in monitoring your budget using the BCS module. Read more

What is Controlling?

The Controlling module (CO) in SAP R/3 deals with the responsibility aspect of financial accounting. No actual postings are made in Controlling, instead all transaction information flows to Controlling through the other modules of SAP R/3.
The Controlling module provides the most flexible business income and expenses reporting.Get more details from the material. Read more

Conceptual Design of Finance&Controlling in SAP

This document describes the major design concepts for the Finance and Controlling Organizational Structure and all financial transactions/configuration related to the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Product Costing, Cash Management, and Consolidating Financial Statements business processes. The design concepts are also described for internal managerial processes such as Cost Reporting & Allocations, Budgeting and Planning, and Profitability Analysis Reporting. This document does not describe all SAP configuration tables to support the design. This level of detail will be done during the Implementation stage of Global SAP Implementation Project. Read more