Audit Information System (AIS) SIM Files


AIS – Tutorial – Audit Information System
AIS – Audit Management (Execution)
AIS – Audit Management (Preparation)
AIS – Audit Management 1 (Question Lists)
AIS – Audit Management 2 (Audit Plans)
AIS – Audit Management 3 (Audit Question Lists)
AIS – Audit Management 4 (Processing Audits)
AIS – Audit Management 5 (Corrective Preventive Actions)
AIS – Audit Management 6 (Evaluation)
AIS – Audit Management 7 (Customizing)

Audit Simulator Files

To Play Simulator Files

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  1. hi Sachin,
    click Download Audit Information System Simulator files,
    then a new window will be opened,
    you will see two options to download,select free and then a counter will start,after it finishes you will see a download icon.
    click it and download files.
    thats all.
    you can’t download files simultaneously from rapidshare..for downloading another file you will have to wait for a bit.
    hope it is clear:)

  2. When i have downloade that time. I got this message from the internet. ” Your IP address is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed” . I didn’t download this sims files. Kindly help me to download sap_all sim files.

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