SAP ATP Calculation in SD

This note contains a list of frequently asked questions concerning the result of the ATP calculation in R/3 – SD;

Questions answered;

1.Why does ATP not confirm anything even though transaction MD04 still displays the available quantity and transaction MMBE still displays sufficient stock?

2.Why does ATP not confirm anything even though I currently have stock and an issue element only consumes the quantities much later?

3.Concerning the previous question: This is not flexible enough for me. How can I use quantities to confirm sales orders today even if the stock is reserved in the future?

4.The system displays a negative cumulated ATP (for example, in CO09). Is this a problem?

5.Why can I reassign quantities that have been reserved by a stock transport order at storage location or batch level?

6.Why does the ATP not confirm anything even though the system displays an available quantity in the storage location?

7.If I call transaction CO09 or VA0X and choose Menu -> ‘Environment -> Availability’, the same sales order appears more than once. Is this an error?

8.Why can I not see a reservation that another user has just created as an issue element in my ATP view?

9.Why does an underconfirmation occur if I enter a batch and shortfall quantity at the same time as confirming a transfer order (transaction LT12)?

10.Why is the confirmed quantity a decimal fraction even though I have activated the setting in Customizing that informs the system that decimal places must not be used for the unit of measure?

11.I have created a delivery using transaction VLMOVE and have moved the material from one storage location to another within the same plant. Why is this quantity not available in the receiving storage location?

12.Why does the system confirm a quantity in the delivery even though the planned allocations or the planned independent requirements would not be sufficient?

13.Why does the system not confirm a sufficient quantity in a parallel session?

14.In transaction SM12, the ATPENQ table contains obsolete lock entries. What have I to do? Why does this happen?

15.If I set the requirements planning indicator (1 or 2) for a storage location, what effect does this have on the ATP check?

SAP ATP Calculation FAQ Document

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