Audit Manual

Introduction to the SAP R/3TM system focusing on audit aspects/Roger Odenthal


With this manual, we try to provide some of the answers and hope that the manual will be useful to the readers in their daily work. This manual focuses on selected issues of major importance, as it is not possible to discuss every audit relevant aspect. There are several additional manuals, publications and other literature, where the reader may find further aspects though.

The following – rather detailed – sections will discuss the topics

1 organizational requirements for efficient auditing
2 basic instructions on the user interface and options for operating the system
3 options and techniques for preparing and analyzing SAPTM data
4 audit activities for the initial SAPTM system audit
5 utilizing the SAP R/3TM AIS system to support audits of financial statements
6 downloading SAPTM data to the auditor’s personal computer

Audit Manual

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