SAP FICO Certification Questions Set : Test, True-False, Gap Fill

A Great Bundle Here! There are 16 set of FICO Certification Questions as type of test,true-false and filling gaps for true answer.You will be tested with almost all submodules of FICO as General Ledger, Cost Center Accounting, Funds Management, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank Accounting, Closing Operations, Dunning and so on. You would not want to miss this package ;)

Download SAP FICO Certification Questions Sets

16 thoughts on “SAP FICO Certification Questions Set : Test, True-False, Gap Fill”

  1. i downloaded rar file again and it works. no problem.
    make sure you completely downloaded file and you have fully installed winrar application to be able to open file.

  2. Hi eddai…

    First of all, thanks for your time and help.
    I am just wondering if this material is updated to the new
    format of the certification test.

  3. Hi i also believe this file is corrupted, when trying to open i receive a message saying file header is corrupt.


  4. hello members..

    i am pravarshan .

    i want full co configuration,because i want to implement on

    my client site as per my client requirement .

    i have no knowledge about co .so help me.

  5. eddai,
    appreciate your site.
    i cant believe how many gimme-gimme people there are out there.
    want FICO certs, cant open rar files.. hopeless. LOL

  6. @jase :) you can’t imagine how frustrating is that for me..many people asking for materials vie contact page though I warn DO NOT REQUEST ANY MATERIAL!..
    that is so boring..glad to hear someone different like you out there..thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Dear Eddai
    This is a wonderful website you have here. Really appreciate all the effort.
    Your last comment caught my attention. “Do NOT reques…”
    Are there some legal implications of hosting certification questions/ material..? I am in a similar line of business and wondering..
    Thanks and happy blogging

  8. Thanks Eddai, I am taking SAP FI certification exam next month, should we expect the same question which you listed in your web site? please let us know.


  9. thanks eddai posting sap fico certification questions its very helpful to whom prepare for certification exam

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