SAP HR Learning Guide for Beginners

This training tutorial is designed to help human resources (HR) administrators and executives, IT developers and members of the SAP ecosystem to oversee and utilize SAP HR, not only as a collection of tools but also as a single platform for monitoring, managing and analyzing an organization’s human resources. Navigate through the sections of this guide in order to understand the full organizational scope of human resources and get tips for SAP HR planning. Decide whether a business case for SAP HR exists in your organization; plan an SAP HR implementation; manage employees; build in organizational controls; discover powerful tips and tricks for executing SAP HR projects on the ground; prepare yourself for an SAP HR interview, SAP HR certification questions, or an SAP HR test; and kick-start human resources training. Whether you’re an HR manager, HR director or SAP developer, this SAP HR training tutorial will add value to your SAP career by walking you through SAP HR modules, addressing SAP HR strategy and tactics alike in order to improve the chances of SAP project success, and paying special attention to the HR technology of SAP. The bottom line is that while the HR module may not define SAP, it is an increasingly popular HR solution.

Table of contents:

SAP HR planning
Information technology skills for the SAP HR developer
Managing employees with SAP HR
SAP HR reporting tips and techniques

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