ABAP/4 Query

ABAP/4 Query is powerful tool to generate simple reports without the need for any coding. This is a very handy tool for the functional
consultants who don’t have any prior programming experience. This document is not meant to teach ABAP/4 Query completely but is meant to give a lead to learn it.
In order to create an ABAP/4 Query, one has to do the following:
1. Create an User Group
2. Create and Functional Area.

In the functional Area, one has to mention how the data in the query is coming from (i.e. through a logical database or from an individual table using a program or joins etc.). Within the functional area you also have the functional groups categorizing fields from the tables into different groups.

3. Assign the User Group to the Functional Area
4. Create the Query based on the functional area created

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