A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Netweaver Visual Composer

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer provides robust functionality for the code-free development of dashboards, cockpits, and rich user interfaces, and also for tuning the performance of the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) queries that supply the data.Key benefits of Visual Composer;

  • Provides a code-free,freestyle modeling environment for rapid application development
  • Enables creation of composite views that can be used as standalone applications or as part of larger composite applications
  • Enables users without specialized software programming skills to easily model business applications

In this presentation you will get to know:

  • Step through a detailed demo that shows some simple techniques for using SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer to build a dashboard or cockpit based on good design principles.
  • Find out how summary cubes with update rules can quickly deliver information summaries, such as total sales, total sales by store, or total sales by month to your dashboard or cockpit.
  • Understand how the jump to query feature allows you to drill down into each summary category to get more detailed information, right from the dashboard interface, without the need to run additional time consuming reports.
  • Assess the pros and cons of using auto suppression and data filters with SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer. Come away understanding the role of SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer in an environment that includes SAP NetWeaver BI and solutions from Business Objects, an SAP company.

Download A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Netweaver Visual Composer

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