Quick Tips to Seach Google for SAP Documents

Since published my site, i have used google searn in day many times to deliver you documents. Though google provides a lot features in its advanced search, many of us are limitied to use a few words for query and do not use enhanced search features frequently. I will share my own experiences for better search tricks that i most frequently use in my daily search.

Site Specific Search:

My site’s search functionality is not well enough to meet your search queries actually. I have struggled for adding google custom search but no luck, not achieved it yet. Some sites may not have build in search feature, so if you want to get better results in a site you can use site: operator in your search and add site url following.

For ex, to list all google search results for my site type site:sapdocs.info (see results) into google search box. For any term you can search like ie FICO User manuals site:sapdocs.info (see results).

Tip: Best of documents sites you can find related to SAP are scribd.com and esnips.com. Though they have built in search options, i always prefer google for better search results. You can make search in those sites like site:scribd.com SAP Basis (see results)

Specific Document Types:

If you want to list search results for specific document types, you can use filetype: operator. You can see all pdf documents that i uploaded on my site by typing filetype:pdf site:sapdocs.info (see results) . This will not be valid for files that are uploaded in other services like rapidshare.com

Explicit Phrase:

When you enter 2 or more words in search box, google mostly lists you first these phrases that are together but not everytime. Lets say you want to search New General Ledger, google search results may be for new, general or ledger either. For better search results enclose your words within double quotes, that is “New General Ledger”.

As of these features, to give an overall example you can make search on my site like “new general ledger” site:sapdocs.info filetype:pdf . See results

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    This piece of information is one of the best I had ever come across. Thanks a lot for sharing this. You are really rocking….


  2. SAP Implementation in Tyre manufacturing Industry

    Any body have docs, BBP/ configuration doc ,please forward me. It is PP-PI ?

  3. Best Best Best…nothing but the best….I have forwarded the link to this article to many of my colleagues…


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