Internal Tables, Debugging and Reports in ABAP/4

In ABAP/4 you work mainly with tables. Long life data is stored in database tables. You cannot afford to lose data from database table. In such cases where you can not work directly with database table (where you are modifying contents of table or reorganizing the contents of table or any other case where you are altering contents of table and then displaying output to the user) hence need of intermediate table where you put in all the data from database table and work with this data thus avoiding accidental loss of data.

These intermediate tables are called INTERNAL TABLES in ABAP/4 and are created only during runtime i.e., no memory is reserved for internal tables.

When you use Internal T able in a program, three steps are associated with it.

  1. Declaration of Internal T able
  2. Populating Internal T able
  3. Processing Internal T able

In the rest of material you will see the overall processes for all the steps mentioned above. Besides you will get brief introduction of Debugging and its components and finaly a very enhanced guide for Reports is presented.

Download Internal Tables, Debugging and Reports in ABAP Guide

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