Batch Data Communication/Batch Input/Inbound-Outbound

When a company decides  to  implement  the SAP R/3 to manage business critical data,  it usually does not start from a no-data situation. Normally, a SAP R/3 project comes into replace or complement existing application. In the process of replacing current applications and transferring application  data, two situations might occur:

  • The first is when application data to be replaced  is transferred at once, and only once.
  • The second situation is to transfer data periodically from external systems to SAP and vice versa.
  • There  is a period of   time when  information has  to be  transferred  from existing application, to SAP R/3, and often this process will be repetitive.

The SAP system offers two primary methods for transferring data  into SAP systems.  From non-SAP systems or legacy system.  These two methods are collectively called “batch input” or “batch data communication”.


Starting with the concept of data transfer, you will find details steps required for getting data into SAP.

Download Batch Data Communication User Guide

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