10 Not-Widely-Known Productivity Tools and Techniques for SAP Project Managers

In this presentation you will explore top 10 efficient tools and techniques that are extremely useful for every SAP project manager. Overview of the covered topics in this document are:

  • Creating User Favorites Menu: Store your most commonly used transactions under your favorites menu which will significantly reduce time to manage role based menus
  • Implementing User Parameter IDs (PID): PIDs can be used to store default values which saves significant time during transaction entries
  • TVARVC Variables: Using TVARVC variables, you can have the system automatically change the values of the fields on the variant instead of manually changing the selections. If you are executing hundreds of financial reports, you can save considerable time by not having to maintain hundreds of variants
  • Enhancing Reports with Application List Viewer (ALV): ALV provides significantly flexible reporting options that are easy for end users to manage.
  • SAP Query: SAP Query is a cross-system, super user query tool that reduces your need to develop custom ABAP reports and lets you view data from multiple tables together
  • Customizing Cross System Viewer: This is an important tool to compare configuration across multiple systems that lets you select customizing objects and reports on any differences found

And besides the above topics Note Assistant, CATT, eCATT and LSMW are covered.

Download Top 10 Productivity Tools and Techniques in SAP

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