Tips and Tricks for SAP Business One – 1

This document contains useful tips and tricks for SAP Business one which include mainly; Calculation of Actual Component and Actual Product costs in production, and Gross profit in Sales BOM; How to stop users from creating/updating BOMs; How to populate Prior Period Bal in Customer Statements and Profit Centres in JE based on marketing docs.

The questions you will find answers for are as follow;

  • How are Actual Component and Actual Product Costs computed during a production process?
  • Why does an item which is defined as a Sales Bill of Material show 100% as gross profit in the Gross Profit window?
  • How to set up alerts for ‘Task’ Activities?
  • Where does the default ‘House Bank’ come from when using ‘Cheque’ as a means of payment in the ‘Outgoing Payment’ window?
  • Why are open A/R Invoices not shown in Recommendation Report during the Dunning Wizard run?
  • Why can users with ‘Read-Only’ authorisation to Price Lists not create or update Bill of Materials?
  • How is the field ‘Prior Period Balance’ populated in the ‘Customer Statement’ print out?
  • How is the ‘Info Price’ field used in Goods Issue function under Inventory -> Inventory Transactions?
  • Why are Profit Centres set in marketing documents not showing in journal entries?
  • How can we change the number of Invoice lines appearing in the Cheque for Payment stub?

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