User Guide for Transporting Queries in SAP

Query is a SAP tool for developing report easily without help of ABAP, and it mainly uses the tables or joins tables to get data by business requirement. There is also a document i shared in my site which will take you to step by step guide for creating SAP Query. You can also take your understanding of SAP Query further with a case study and screenshots provided Document.

The document i will share will show you a step by step guide to transport queries, in other words export/import queries. Why would someone need to transport queries ? The common scenarios are as

  • Transport queries from Production to QA Development System, or Dev to Prod..
  • Transport queries from one system to another system. ie from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 or.

How to Transport SAP Queries

Further Notes on Transporting Queries

This document simply explain how to import/export transport via SQ02. In the screenshots, you will also see Download/Upload. These options are used to retrieve user/infoset & query.

Report RSAQR3TR also used for transporting Queries, InfoSets and User groups commonly. You can find report’s documentation which explains everything detailed. You can also read guide for running report RSAQR3TR

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    You are doing a wonderful job for SAP community.
    Your effort is highly appreciated and outstanding.
    Thanks a ton eddai ….my best wishes are always with you,
    a request if possible you can post any material on SAP CRM.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for all the information you have provided. Simply amazing and truly helpful.
    Can you please provide certification material/configuration manual for SAP Transactional Banking (SAP Banking)

  3. Sorry, I don’t provide any certification material here.. Regarding configuration manual, please make a search on my site as “fico configuration”.. hopefully you may encounter configuration materials.. and in them you may find banking related configuration steps..


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