SAP QM End-User Manuals Collection

Here we extend our End-User manuals collections with Quality Management this time. In one of my previous End-User shares, a visitor had requested QM user manuals, hope these will be useful for anyone in this area. After reading these guides you will be able to

  • Create Quality Information Record
  • Manage Code Groups in catalogs
  • Create Inspection Plan
  • And many more Inspection User Manuals for various scenarios

Quality Information Record

Quality Info Record determines the quantity and period in which a given material can be supplied by a vendor. It is a relationship between Material and Vendor. It is maintained in Quality Management view in Material Master.


Catalogs are used to store information in a structured form to a Work Clearence Management object in Quality Management. A catalog consists of code group and code groups consist of codes.

Inspection of Incoming Material

Quality inspection records results and determine whether the inspected material fulfills the quality requirements. Quality inspection covers Inspection lot processing, Results recording, Defects recording, Usage decision. This manual will guide you for the required steps of this process.

And many more Quality Management End-User Manuals

  • Inspection Results Recording
  • Inspection by 3rd Party for Finish Goods
  • Inspection by 3rd Party at Supplier’s location
  • Inspection at Supplier’s location
  • In Process Inspection in Machine Shop

SAP Quality Management End-User Manuals

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