IDoc Cookbook for EDI and Interfaces

This book is an in-depth discussion and cookbook for IDoc development in R/3 for EDI and eCommerce


1 Where Has the Money Gone?
2 What Are SAP R/3 IDocs?
3 Get a Feeling for IDocs
4 Exercise: Setting Up IDocs
5 Sample Processing Routines
6 IDocs Terminology and Basic Tools
7 IDocs Customising

8 IDoc Outbound Triggers
9 IDoc Recipes
10 IDoc Recipes
11 Partner Profiles and Ports
12 RFC Remote Function Call
13 Workflow Technology
14 ALE – Application Link Enabling
15 Calling R/3 Via OLE/JavaScript
16 Batch Input Recording
17 EDI and International Standards
18 EDI Converter

Download IDoc Cookbook for EDI and Interfaces

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