Advanced BW Reporting Concepts in SAP

This quick reference guide shows you how to perform the following BW reporting functions in SAP:

  • Executing A BW Report
  • Saving A BW Report Variant
  • Viewing/Removing Report Hierarchy Details
  • Changing How Report Data Is Displayed
  • Changing To Cumulative Output Amounts
  • Changing Sort Order of Report Data
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Zero Rows
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Total Rows
  • Normalizing Report Results
  • Swapping Displayed Report Fields
  • Adding Drilldown to a Report
  • Moving Back One Screen
  • Changing Where Totals Are Displayed
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Repeated Key Fields
  • Refreshing A Report
  • Changing Other Report Attributes
  • Other BW Reporting Buttons
  • Attaching A Chart To A Report
  • Protecting A Report From Formatting Changes
  • Saving A Report As A Favorite
  • Saving Report Data In An Excel Spreadsheet
  • Turning On/Off the Right-Click Functions
  • Business Explorer Menu

Download Advanced SAP BW Reporting Concepts

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