FAQ About Netweaver

Technical Overview:

When talking about Netweaver, only one thing remains constant: lots of confusion about what Netweaver really is and what it means to SAP users. Is it a completely new product, or is it even several products combined? Does it come out of the box or will it have to be developed? Will Netweaver replace SAP R/3 completely? If so, when will this happen—now, or sometime in the future? Where is SAP heading with its technology? How do we upgrade to Netweaver? And what are the benefits? This article will tackle these questions and sort through the confusion. By the end, we’ll have a much clearer idea about the Netweaver platform and how it should bring a new return on investment to SAP users.

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  1. How can transfer from r/3 to NetWeaver?
    What are the constraint?
    What are the benefits
    and how much time it takes?

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