Introduction to Warehouse and Barcoding


This module introduces Warehouse Operators to the different duties that they will be expected to carry out in the warehouse, with regard to goods receiving, management and issue, and shows how these operations are linked together.

The module then introduces the Warehouse Operators to the barcode scanner and associated equipment. It gives an overview of the various barcode operations to show how and when the barcode scanner is used, safely, in the warehouse at Company.


Recognise how Warehouse Operators’ duties contribute towards the production of aluminium at Company. Learn how and when to use the barcode scanner safely.


Warehouse Overview

Warehouse Operations

  1. Goods Receipt
  2. Goods Management
  3. Goods Issue



  1. Laser safety
  2. Barcoding Equipment
  3. Barcode Operations

Download Intro to WM and Barcoding

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