SD Document Number Range Enhancements


R/3 uses Number Range Objects to assign numbers to all documents created in the system. Document numbers are always technically defined as character fields that are ten bytes long. The internal and display formatting of document numbers is controlled by the number range object and a conversion exit that is assigned to the domain. In many of the standard SD document processing programs (Order, Delivery, Billing), there are user exits available to override the behavior of the standard system. This document first explains how document number ranges are defined and then provides an example enhancement that changes the standard document number assignment


Sales and Distribution Document Numbers in R/3

Relevant OSS Notes

SD Document Number Range Object

Table NRIV Number Range Intervals

Assigning Intervals to SD Document Types

Transaction VOV8

Document Number Domain

Function Group ALFA

Number Range Assignment User Exit Example

Business Requirement
Step 1 Build the Custom Configuration Table
Step 2 Add Entries to the Configuration Table
Step 3 Code the User Exit
Step 4 Test the Routine

Download SD Document Number Range Enhancements

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