Frequently Asked Questions Concerning LSMW

What is the LSM Workbench?

The LSM Workbench is an R/3-based tool that supports single or periodic data transfer from your non-SAP system to R/3

What are the core functions of the LSM Workbench?

Importing legacy data from PC spreadsheet tables or sequential files
Converting data from its original (legacy system) format to the target (R/3) format
Importing the data using the standard interfaces of R/3 (IDoc inbound processing, batch input, direct input)

Which data can be migrated using the LSM Workbench?

By means of standard transfer programs: a wide range of master data (e.g. G/L accounts, customer master, vendor master, material master, bills of material) and transaction data (e.g. financial documents, sales orders)
By means of recording of transactions: further data objects (if the transaction can be run in batch input mode)

Can I be certain that the imported data is consistent?

Yes. The data is loaded via the standard interfaces of the applications. This will include all checks that are run for online transactions. Invalid data will be rejected.

Can I be certain that conversions are carried out identically across the applications?

Yes. The LSM Workbench works on the principle of central (reusable) rules. This approach guarantees that, for example, the material number is converted in the same way wherever the reusable rule is used for conversion.

Do I need an extensive knowledge of ABAP to use the LSM Workbench?

No. The LSM workbench provides the main conversion techniques at the push of a button. For complex conversions, individual ABAP coding can be added.

Do I have to migrate table by table?

No. Business objects such as material master, customer master or FI document are migrated

Can I transfer data that is on my PC?

Yes. The LSM workbench can read the data directly from your PC. Only when using the periodic interface, the data has to be on a server accessible by R/3

Is the LSM Workbench part of the standard R/3 system?

No. The LSM Workbench can be downloaded for free from SAPNET:

Is there an extra charge for the LSM Workbench?

No. The LSM Workbench is available free of charge to SAP’s customers and partners

Is there an LSM training course?

There is no specific training course for LSMW
LSMW is part of the 5-day standard training BC420
Workshops at customer site are done at customers charge
Examples in the media center can be used for self-study

Can I migrate from R/3 to R/3 via LSMW?

Yes, but:

Export has to be programmed
Source structures have to be defined
Fields of the source structures can be loaded from the dictionary
Mapping has to be done manually è a lot of fields!! Automatic fieldmapping might be used
Import of large data amounts can take a lot of time (most of the time data amount is higher than for Migration from legacy systems)
History data can not be build up most of the time

Can I build periodic interfaces using LSMW?

Yes. It is possible to build periodic interfaces using the frame program /SAPDMC/SAP_LSMW_INTERFACE

You can download these faq as presentation too,

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