Tips and Tricks for Planning and Executing a BI Upgrade

Tips and Tricks for Planning and Executing a BI Upgrade (BI7.0)


Why upgrade

  • End of support
  • New support strategy & NetWeaver
  • New features and capabilities

Creating an upgrade strategy for the future

  • Content Vs. Technical upgrades
  • Upgrades with NetWeaver Read more

Goods Movement Types in SAP MM

In SAP Materials Management, goods movement is distinguished using a three digit key which is called the “movement type”. The movement type is important because it controls the screen layout, adjustment of inventories, the GL account for financial purposes etc. Goods movement have been discussed elaborately here. The various types of material movement types in SAP materials management MM are given below:

Below are some important list of Movement types in SAP

Movement TypeGoods Movement
101Goods receiving for ordering
104Goods receiving blocking status for ordering
122Return delivery to suppliers
201Goods outflow (WA) to cost centers
221Goods outflow to project
231Goods outflow to customer order
241Goods outflow to factory
251Goods outflow to sales
261Goods outflow to order
291Goods outflow for all account allocations
321Release from quality checking
551Goods outflow for scrap
321Release from quality checking
451Returns from customers
453Inventory to inventory transfers
501Goods receiving without order
511No cost delivery
521Internal goods receiving without manufacturing order
561Inventory taking

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FAQ About Netweaver

Technical Overview:

When talking about Netweaver, only one thing remains constant: lots of confusion about what Netweaver really is and what it means to SAP users. Is it a completely new product, or is it even several products combined? Does it come out of the box or will it have to be developed? Will Netweaver replace SAP R/3 completely? If so, when will this happen—now, or sometime in the future? Where is SAP heading with its technology? How do we upgrade to Netweaver? And what are the benefits? This article will tackle these questions and sort through the confusion. By the end, we’ll have a much clearer idea about the Netweaver platform and how it should bring a new return on investment to SAP users. Read more

Top 20 Tricks for Faster SAP Netweaver BI

Introduction(From Material):

 -In this session we will cover the top 20 must-do technical performance tricks to help you optimize SAP NetWeaver BI reporting for your end users.

 -We will look at performance modeling of InfoCubes, how to improve memory utilization by caching and how to use diagnostics to analyze performance issues.

 -We will also explore best practices on how to develop and manage aggregates and MultiProviders, and see what the BI- Accelerator (BIA) can do for your organization. Read more


SAP Labs Guides

SAP Labs Made Easy Guides

Authorization Made Easy
CATT Made Easy
Data Transfer Made Easy
EDI Configuration Guide
MRP Made Easy
Online Store Made Easy Guide
Preconfigured Client Guide Read more

SAP SD Sales Order Process Tutorial

Sales order processing steps in SAP SD covered in this tutorial, very informative and detailed;

1. Create an Inquiry
2. Create a Sales Order from an Inquiry
3. Create a Delivery for the Sales Order
4. Picking the order
5. Post Goods Issue
6. Invoice the Customer
7. Receive payment from the Customer
Read more

Special Purpose Ledger Configuration

Introduction(From Material)

In the FIGL configuration we configured the company code A Ltd 9100 for a fiscal year variant K4 (January – December). This book (Ledger 0) is used for reporting to the parent company.

A Limited also wants to prepare accounts for tax purpose based on fiscal year variant (April to March). This is possible by implementin g Special purpose Ledger. The data from FI module will be passed on to the Special Purpose Ledger.

Special Purpose Ledger calls for creating a new table group, new Ledger and the field movements. The fields which are required for reporting needs to be captured in the object table 1.

You have to define your own reports in the report painter reports in Special purpose Ledger. This can be a Trial Balance, Balance sheet and profit and loss account.

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