Functions in Detail:Materials Management


MM System Overview
Organizational Structures
Basic Data
Material Requirements Planning
Inventory Management
Material Valuation
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SAP R/3 Purchasing Management

31 Steps to Purchasing Management


Step 1: Define a Company
Step 2: Define Company code
Step 3: Assign Company code to Company
Step 4: Define a Plant
Step 5: Maintain Purchasing Organization
Step 6: Maintain Storage Location
Step 7: Assign Plant to Company code
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Introduction to Smartforms


Introduction to SAP SmartForms
Advantages of SAP Smart Forms
A Simple Smartform Tutorial
Difference with SMARTFORMS vs. SapScript(SE71)
FAQ on Migrating SAPscript to SmartForms
SmartForms System Fields
Example Forms Available in Standard SAP R/3
Smart forms Frequently Asked Questions
Smartforms FAQ Part Two
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Step by Step Guide to Upload New Customer Master Record

Step by Step Guide to Upload New Customer Master Record With LSMW

From the material;
The LSM Workbench is an R/3-based tool that supports you when transferring data from non-SAP systems (“Legacy Systems”) to R/3 once or periodically.
The tool supports conversion of data of the legacy system in a convenient way. The data can then be imported into the R/3 system via Batch input, Direct input, BAPIs or IDocs. LSM Workbench provides a recording function that allows to generate a “data migration object” in an entry or change transaction. Through LSMW, we can upload Master Data and Transaction Data. Read more

Basis Administration Tips


Personalization of SAP System
Determining Optimum DIA WP Number
Locking Security Holes
Saving Passwords for SAP Shortcuts
Getting Technical Info at the OS Level
Controlling Sap Guie New Visual Design
Locking Unlocking Accounts
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FI-CO Config Log for Application Consultants

Within this material,all the configurations covered with for FI-CO application consultants for the following processes

Creating Company Code
Defining Company Code
Posting Periods
Document Number Ranges
Field Status Variant
Defining Tolerance Groups for Employees
Defining Tax on Sales/Purchase
Defining Tax Accounts and much more..
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Creating Tax Codes

Transaction:  FTXP

This area gives you a step by step explanation on “how to create a tax code in SAP”. Later on these tax codes must be used in the creation of condition tables such as for MWST.

  • Go to transaction code FTXP and select the country for which you need to create a tax code.  This country is automatically linked to the Tax Procedure which has been set up in the menu path [IMG – Financial accounting – Financial accounting global settings – tax on sales/purchases – basic settings – Assign country to calculation procedure]. Read more