Basics of New General Ledger

This presentations gives a basic understanding and the configuration settings required for new GL implementation.


Why use the New GL??
Settings for new GL
New GL-An User’s Perspective
Reporting Read more


SAP CO Profitability Analyses and BW

Presentation Contents:

Concepts of Profitability Analysis

An Integrated Business Model for Revenues and Costs
Integration of Master Data and Valuation
Integration of Actual Value Flows and Planning

Concepts of SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW)

Interplay between Profitability Analysis and BW Read more

Transport Guide Tips for SAP Objects

Here are tips for different objects:

LSMW: There are 2 ways for transporting LSMW data from a system to another.
Export/import this method gives you the opportunity to select the subprojects or objects you want to transfer. LSMW -> Extras -> Export project
Transport request with this method, you can transport a LSMW project in full (you can not select the objects you want). With this method, the project will be transported as any other SAP object in a transport order. LSMW -> Extras -> Create change request Read more

Basics of IDoc

An IDoc (intermediate document) is a standard data structure for electronic data interchange (EDI). IDocs are used for the data interchange between SAP systems as well as between an SAP system and an external system. IDocs serve as the vehicle for data transfer in SAP’s Application Link Enabling (ALE) system. The contents, structure, sender, receiver, and current status of the IDoc are defined in the IDoc header.Data acquisition from an SAP source system is a very common scenario in SAP BW. This process involves extracting the data using either standard business content-provided extractors or custom-built extractors.
Failure of data to load usually leads to loss of productive time in re-triggering the extraction. Read more

Segment Reporting on New General Ledger

Evaluating the range of options that are available for segment reporting within the SAP ERP system is complex, primarily due to the multitude of possible implementation solutions. Additionally, it is difficult to isolate a decision through the segment reporting approach from overall decisions regarding the integrated reporting strategy and the underlying system architecture. The emphasis in this paper is on recommending the best foundations of segment reporting design. In addition, we explain the key reports in SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BI to comply with segment reporting requirements. Read more

Company and Company Code

In SAP world, very frequently you might be coming across the Word Company and Company Code. Sometimes it is understood that these two words are interchangeable and have the same meaning. But in fact, these are not interchangeable and are two different words with different meaning. Hence one should not derive the same meaning from the two. In SAP, to understand the definition and assignment of enterprise structure and terminology used for different organizational level, it is necessary to understand the following definition of these two words. Read more

Main Database Tables in Asset Accounting


Tables For Postings

Postings in Asset Accounting create or modifies entries in the following tables:

  • ANEK (Document Header Asset Posting)
  • ANEP (Asset Line Items)
  • ANEA (Proportional Values: mostly for retirements and retiring transfers)
  • ANLC (asset values summarized on area and year level)
  • ANLB (only for the very first posting on the asset; table is updated)
  • ANLA (aquisition date, deactivation date, origin) Read more