SAP SD Documents Pack: Instructions to Common Processes

This document pack contains instructions to common processes of Sales and Distribution module in SAP:

  1. Basic Functions and Master Data in SD Processing
  2. Pricing and Conditions
  3. Availability Check and Requirement in SD Processing
  4. Output Determination
  5. Credit and Risk Management
  6. Sales
  7. Billing Plan
  8. Billing
  9. Retroactive Billing
  10. Shipping
  11. Transportation
  12. Reports and Analyses

Download – SAP SD Documents Pack: Instructions to Common Processes

Business Processes in Sales Order Management

SCM600 mySAP ERP Sales and Services


Organizational structures in sales and distribution
Working with customer master data and material master data in sales
Overview of the process chain for sales order processing
Presales activities, order processing, procurement, delivery, billing, payment
Introduction to pricing in sales and distribution
Introduction to the availability check Read more

eCATT Guides

This is a series of article which will introduce the users to the automated testing tool called eCATT. For easier understanding of the user, the article has bee split into a series of eight articles where the user is given introduction to the eCATT, how the user can record and parameterize the script, the concept behind test data container, system data container and test configurator is explained. For the easier user understanding an attempt has been made to combine eCATT theory with some examples and illustrations. The work of exploration has been mainly on the SAP GUI recording mode. For the other recording modes like TCD, Web Dynpro applications, the user will have to refer the SAP help. The series of the articles are listed below for user reference. Read more

BAPI Programming


This document describes the guidelines you should follow to implement Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). It is targeted at developers who want to implement BAPIs.

This document describes the guidelines valid at the time this document was published. These guidelines will be updated in subsequent R/3 Releases.

All developments should be done in the customer name space; all changes to existing development objects are considered to be modifications. Read more

SAP Basis 10 Days Trainings

Introduction to the R/3 Basis System

Architecture/System landscape.
R/3 Client/Server Architecture.
Instance Concept
Central and Distributed Instances.
Work Process Overview.
Interaction between Work Processes.
Application Services.
Data Structure of SAP. Read more

Integrating Web Dynpro and SAP NetWeaver Portal

Web Dynpro Tutorials


Part 1: Creating Web Dynpro-Based Portal Content
Summary:This article describes the creation of Web Dynpro for Java iViews on top of the Web Dynpro page builder. In addition, differences in iViews created within an SAP NetWeaver 04 portal are discussed

Part II: Using Portal Navigation within a Web Dynpro Application
Summary:This article describes the usage of portal navigation capabilities within a Web Dynpro application running in SAP NetWeaver Portal. Besides the standard navigation capabilities, we discuss how to suspend and resume a Web Dynpro application when running in SAP NetWeaver Portal and some advanced navigation possibilities. Read more