SAP Materials Roundup 1-Beginners

Up to today there has been always some small useful but postponed materials for sharing many times and then forgotten.From now on i will try to share a mix of them regularly,may be once a week.So to start this from beginning will be better i guess.As this week’s materials are:

  • A Brief Introduction To SAP
  • All SAP Transactions
  • All SAP Tables
  • SAP Reports,Standart Functions
  • SAP Glossary(For the complete SAP Online Glossary Please Click HERE)

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Step by Step Guide to New Company Code Configuration in SAP

This document describes how a new company code is added to an existing SAP R/3 environment. Here the company code is not created from scratch, but as a copy from an existing company code. This document wants to point out what information is transferred in the copy and at which points you must interfere.


  • New Company Code
  • Environment
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Edit Company Code Data
  • Company
  • Credit Control Area, Business Area
  • Assignment Of Structures
  • Financial Accounting – Global Settings
  • Asset Accounting
  • Bank Accounts
  • Accounts Receivables And Payables
  • Controlling
  • Fi Automatic Account Determination

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Benefits of New General Ledger

New General Ledger Accounting in mySAP ERP has the following advantages compared to classic General Ledger Accounting:

New General Ledger Accounting has an extended data structure in the standard delivery.
Customer fields can also be added to the general ledger. Read more

Invoice Verification-Brief Introduction

Logistics Invoice Verification is part of Materials Management. At the end of the logistics chain comprising Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Invoice Verification, Logistics Invoice Verification checks incoming invoices for accuracy with regards to content, price, and accounting. Read more

SAP Journal Entry Guide

A journal entry (also known as a journal voucher / JV) is an entry or transaction used in the SAP general ledger to book amounts for assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenues for a company or entity.
Journal entries are initiated and completed by those at Duke with the proper security access to create journal entries in SAP R/3 at Duke.Those users are known as “Document Initiators”. Read more


SAP SD Sales Order Process-Exercise

In this exercise, you will be processing a customer order in SAP with a real life example.

Processes covered;

  • Creating an inquiry
  • Create a Sales Order from an Inquiry
  • Create a Delivery for the Sales Order
  • Picking the order
  • Post Goods Issue
  • Invoice the Customer
  • Receive payment from the Customer

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Period End Steps in Cost Object Controlling and Variance Calculation

Period end closing in Controlling has always been a challenge. Variance calculation and its explanation has invariably sent shivers down the spine of all SAP consultants. WIP calculation too has at times been complex to understand. Based on 2 scenarios following steps are processed;

Scenario 1

  1. Display Process order to see the cost and other details
  2. Display Standard cost estimate
  3. Overhead calculation
  4. WIP process calculation
  5. Variance calculation
  6. Settlement

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