New General Ledger User Manual


Enter Gl Account Document For Ledger Group
Enter General Posting For Ledger Group
Enter General Posting For Ledger Group
Display /Change Items (New)
Foreign Currency Valuation Of Open Items
Balance Carry Forward (New) Read more

SAP CO End User Manual: Repost Accounting Document [KE26]

In this transaction code you can rectify errors in the profitability segment (COPA) document. Any errors occurred while updating the characteristics in the posted COPA document can be corrected through this transaction. It will reverse the old COPA document in the current period and update a new copa document with the correct characteristic. Read more

Purchase Requisition Manuals


Initial Setup of Purchase Requisition Default value screen
Create Purchase Requisition with Contract Discount
Creating a Purchase Requisition for Stock Materials
Create Requisition – Outside Vendor (No Contract) Cost Center and Asset
Release Purchase Requisition-ZE57
Release / Un-release Individual Requisition-ME54N Read more

SAP Materials Roundup 2

I have started to post some smaller but useful files under thename of  Round up Materials.You can get the first one from HERE.Today’s contents:

-LSMW-Vendor Master Data Conversion Tutorial

-Sending an IDoc from R/3 System to an IDoc in other R/3 System Through XI

-Assign All Varians to Company Code-End User Guide

-MM-FI Integration

-Variant Configuration Solution for Make-To-Order Business and Characteristic-Based Planning Read more

SAP FI Asset Management Manual for Beginners

This is another part of series following Account Payable and Account Receivable i had posted before.As previous materials this one begins with managing your favourites,an overview of Asset Management and then continues with the processes related to Asset Management.
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Audit Manual

Introduction to the SAP R/3TM system focusing on audit aspects/Roger Odenthal


With this manual, we try to provide some of the answers and hope that the manual will be useful to the readers in their daily work. This manual focuses on selected issues of major importance, as it is not possible to discuss every audit relevant aspect. There are several additional manuals, publications and other literature, where the reader may find further aspects though. Read more

SAP FI Accounts Payable Manual for Beginners

I have posted Account Receivable manual before.This is another detailed guide explains managing your favourites in SAP IMG Menu,giving you an overview of Account Payable and showing the processes with examples through screenshots.

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