Purchasing Manual for Beginners

A very detailed,informative user guide for SAP Purchasing.Topics covered in this manual are:Initial Desktop Settings,Creating Storeroom Request, Changing or Deleting Storeroom Reservation Line Item, Creating a Purchase Requisition, How to Use Document Overview, Changing or Deleting Lines in Purchase Requisitions That Havel Already Been Released, Duplicating a Purchase Requisition, Checking The Status of Purchase Requisition Using Document Overview, To View of All Your Purchase Requisitions Read more

COPA Report Troubleshooting in SAP

Profitability Analysis reports (COPA module) has to deal with huge amount of characteristics such as products, product hierarchy, customers, country, profit center and many more characteristics. This can cause performance issues while executing the COPA reports (KE30) over a period of time. The reports can take a longer time for execution and sometimes even give an abap run time error.

In this document the different problems you normally face in execution of the COPA reports and the solution to these problems are covered. Read more

Interface Detailed Design

The purpose of this document is to outline the technical design of the EDI interface from SAP to the EDI subsystem. The high-level details of the proposed solution may be found in the EDI Scope document, as well as the EDI Functional Specification document. Further information on the interface may be obtained by reading the EDI Production Setup Guide. Read more

SAP E-Recruiting Definitions

Formal request by the manager to the recruiter to find potential candidates for one or more vacant positions. The requisition is an internal document determining the positions for which candidates are to be sought, the requirements which candidates must fulfill, and how the candidate search will be performed.

Support Team
The support team is the group of persons involved in processing a requisition, application. Read more

Interest Calculation Procedure

Configuring the Interest Calculations Procedure:

This configuration allows you to charge interest on overdue customer accounts. Interest can be calculated by using the line items or overall account balances. SAP keep tracks of the date of the last interest run and stores it in the customer master record.

Read more

Clearing of Accounts

The clearing between the customer and vendor can happen by following the below settings
1. The customer number must be entered in the corresponding vendor master record
a. FK02->General Data -> Control
In the ‘Account control’ tab, in the ‘Customer’ field, enter the customer number

b.In the Company Code Data –> Payment Transaction Accounting, select the checkbox – ‘Clrg with Cust’

note:If you do not fill ‘Customer’ field ,the ‘Clrg with Cust’ field can not display. Read more

Budget Reports Using ZFM01

This transaction will be used to provide your basic reporting requirements for monitoring your budget such as displaying your total budget, actual expenditures, open commitments, and budget balance available for your selected funds center(s). In addition, it will be used to drill down into the line item details of all postings to the selected fund center. It can also provide a report to detail the sources of your budget balance. Read more