Budget Control System(BCS) Training Manual

On November 24, 2008, the SAP Finance system will be migrated from the former budgeting module to the Budget Control System (BCS) module. The transactions that you are currently using within SAP-FI to monitor your budget will be changing. Budget transfers will no longer be parked using FR69. Instead, you will be using the Budgeting Workbench (FMBB) to pre-post your budget transfers.

Similarly, the SAP-FI on-line budget reports will also be changing. Please note that you will continue to use ZBUDSTAT_CF or ZBUDSTAT_EX_CF to view your budgets and transactions for fiscal year 2008 and prior. However, any transactions processed for fiscal year 2009 and after will need to be viewed using transaction ZFM02 or ZFM02_EXP. This training manual is being provided to assist you in monitoring your budget using the BCS module. Read more

Partial Goods Receipt

If you receive part of what you have requisitioned, you should post a goods receipt for only items received. Make changes to the quantities as necessary.

This document shows you steps with screenshots in details for required procedures Read more

Frequently Used Tables in SAP

Find below the frequently used tables for SAP modules

  • Material Master Tables
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) & Materials Management (MM) Tables
  • Project Systems (PS) Tables
  • Production Planning (PP) Tables
  • Quality Management (QM) Tables
  • Controlling (CO) Tables
  • Finance (FI) Tables

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Free Goods Determination

Free Goods Determination
In many sectors of industry it is common to provide products free of charge, or not to charge the customer for some of the goods sold when a customer purchases certain goods.

            Two types of free goods exist in SAP. They are

  1. Inclusive free goods.
  2. Exclusive free goods.

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Routines in SD

Routines in SAP SD

Any Business requirement can be met through Standard Configuration or any customized development.
Customized requirements in SD consists of Program, Routines, Exits, BAPI & BADI etc..

Following is the process of creation of Routines:
Routines in Sales & Distribution plays a vital role .Business Requirements can be met by creating and configuring in required applications i.e. it can be a Copy control Routine or any Pricing Requirement Routine or any Out Put Requirement Routine. Read more

Month End and Year End Closing Operations in SAP: Essential Checklist

Find below cheklist for the month end and year end closing operations in SAP for each of following modules:

  • Materials Management
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Financials and Controlling
  • Profitability Analysis
  • FI-CO-SD
  • Investment Management
  • Cost Center Accounting

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SAP Credit Management Overview

This report allows you to display and print out those customers in credit management who are to be seen as critical within the credit checks in SD. In this context, a critical customer is one who, as a result of data you have defined in Customizing for credit management (under Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions) in the activity Define Automatic Credit Control would not pass the following individual checks (carried out using information from the A/R summary)
either at this moment, or in the near future: Read more