Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping

For stock transport orders with delivery via shipping, note the prerequisites described below.

Master Data

Material master

Supplying plant

In the material master for the supplying plant, you must record the following data:

Basic data
Shipping data
Accounting data Read more

SAP BW Project Plan Methodology:Complete Manual


Ready access to information about an organization’s business, products and customers is a key element in supporting decision making. When searching for information to support business decisions in today’s dynamic global business environment, many business users find that the traditional sources of data – transaction-based systems – are inadequate in content, accessibility, form, performance and availability. The problem often lies not with the data or its source, but in the limitations of current technology to bring together information from many disparate systems. Increasingly, the solution to these problems is data warehousing. Read more

ALV Robot:ALV Report Generator

This site is intended to help ABAP programmers on the creation of ALV reports by automatically generating source code using a specially designed template.

This way ALV reports get done easier and faster. Also, as they are all made from the same template, standards get honored. The generated source is not messy nor complicated. Is as readable, simple and straight-forward as any other program created by yourself!

Visit ALV Report Generator site–> ALV Robot

SAP Materials Roundup 4

This week’s SAP Materials are;

Reconciliation Account Determination With A Special G/L Indicator For More Flexible Invoicing
Printer Setup for Local Port TCP/IP
Enhancement Technique: How to Use Substitutions
Implementing the SAP Fixed Asset Module
Bills of Exchange Receivable
Step by Step Guide for SAPScript Read more

An Introduction to Accounting in Banking

As a topic, accounting is probably not the most glamourous subject that you can imagine. However in my 30 years of carreer in IT mainly dedicated to installing Accounting systems, all projects have been made of surprises and new lessons learnt. As I spent more than half of my professional life on SAP products, I hope to be able to thank all the professionals who have helped me by in turn helping my young collegues in sharing my knowledge. Read more

Eight Reasons to Use ABAP Objects for Developers

It is a puzzling phenomenon. SAP introduced ABAP Objects, the object-oriented (OO) extension to the ABAP programming language, some time ago as part of SAP Basis Release 4.6. ABAP developers, in turn, gained the ability to tap into the myriad merits of OO programming, which significantly improves productivity by speeding development time and increasing application maintainability. Yet many ABAP developers still cling to the long-standing procedural approach to ABAP development – because that’s the way they’ve always done it, it works, and they see no reason to change – leaving the OO capabilities of ABAP Objects untapped. This article aims to change that by showing you just what you have to gain, and how to make the leap. Read more

Function Modules:Definition

All ABAP programs are modular in structure and made up of processing blocks you can modularize source code by placing ABAP statements either global include programs or function modules. The processing blocks that you call from ABAP programs are called procedures. Read more