What is eCATT?


eCATT is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in R/3. Each test generates a detailed log that documents the test process and results. If the testing is smooth without any errors, this means that the business scenarios mapped in R/3 are correct. If the test results in error then the problem can be analyzed using the error log that is generated.

eCATT enables automatic testing in SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java. Read more

Error Handling Through Workflow

With this material you will get details of Error handling of an Inbound Idoc through triggering an event, which in turn will be triggering a workflow attached to the workflow.

Steps covered:

1. Create custom BOR object with the events, Start and Stop event
2. Create a workflow for the error handling, like generating a notification whenever an error occurred in the Inbound Idoc.
3. Creation of Function Module and attachment with the Process Code
4. Create the settings for the Inbound Process of the Idoc through the Process Code. Read more

New Tables in New General Ledger

Three new tables in the new general ledger handle totals, store general-ledger and specific line items, and calculate valuations for year-end closings in parallel ledgers

Two new tables (FAGLFLEXA & FAGLFLEXP) store the ledger-specific line items (Actual & Planned) & contain additional information for use in the entry view. The tables help in updating different characteristics and document splitting information, different period shifts, and different currencies in specific ledgers for individual documents. Helps in preparing reports for specific dimensions at item level. Read more

How to Create Company Code and COA in SAP

With this SAP configuration guide you will get to learn following topics;

Organizational Structures
Company, Company Code
Create Company Code for your company
Chart of Accounts and Fiscal Year Variant
Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code
Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts
Create Credit Control Area
Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area
Assign Permitted Credit Control Area to Company Code
Determine Tax Version

Read more

SAP APO Global ATP: Overview Presentation

Global ATP in SAP APO provides information on product availability from the entire supply network.

This presentation aims to explain the basic architecture of Global ATP and the OLTP integration scenario. It throws light on the need for the large variety of availability checks in Supply Chain Management and how they can be realized using basic and advanced check methods of this solution. Read more

ABAP List to ALV

What if you could reformat a standard ABAP list as easily as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? Many R/3 users are not aware that the report development using ABAP List Viewer(ALV), which comes standard with R/3(since version 4.5X), lets you come very
close to doing just that. Unlike a standard ABAP list, ALV provides the end-user the flexibility to individually customize the data output. Many traditional developers are under the impression that ALV is a complicated and difficult tool to understand and use
until they started using. It really saves lot of time and system resources. This document is intended for the users who want to quickly convert ABAP lists to ALV format. Read more

SAP FI Accounts Payable Administration

This presentation is a complete guide to Accounts Payable Administration by a university which after you will be able to:

Process credit memos
Perform invoice verification
Manage the Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt (GR/IR)
Block/unblock invoices
Explain the payment process
Identify and run reports

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