Migration from Classic General Ledger to New General Ledger

New Functionality in the New General Ledger

  • Segment Reporting

Segment reporting is a legal requirement in many countries. US GAAP, and IFRS require a segment to be reported if the total external revenue of the segment exceed 10% of the total revenue. They also require to report income statement and balance sheet to be reported by segment. The big change in Segment reporting is that there is now a separate filed in the Profit Center master record. Read more

Discrete Manufacturing – The Made To Order Cycle and Make To Stock Cycle

In sap there is specific transaction flow for a particular Manufacturing Process. It all depends upon the requirement of client and process.

Here is the basic flow of transactions which is req. for creating master data, planning and order processing…

The Made TO Order Cycle:

The sale department passes on the Made to order-Sales Order to the Material department so that material requirement is analyzed. This is done in SAP by carrying on an MRP Run for all the levels of the product BOM. This MRP Run would create Planned Orders for the shortages. Here the planned orders for fert sub assemblies, Components etc, are created. Read more

SAP SD Service Order Processing Manual: Instructions and Specifications

Business Scenario Covered:

Your company offers maintenance and repair services for computer equipment. To do this, your staff sometimes visits your customer’s site. The Service Management (SM) component is not used by your company.

One of your customers informs you by telephone that they are having problems with their computer. An experienced employee decides that the problem has to be solved by a technician at the site and decides which spare parts they will need. The technician is automatically informed. He owns a ‘spare parts’ tool box which he fills by taking parts from the warehouse. The order confirmation contains the service (for example, technician category, hours taken) and a reminder that the dollar amount of the invoice depends on the time taken and cost of the repair. Read more

Customer Returns (Complaints) Procedures in SAP

If Customer Returns the Goods:

-VA01: Return Order (Order Type: RE) (Item Category: REN) & enter, Create Return Order with ref to Sales Order No. Give order no & click on Copy (F5) and change the order quantity say from 50 boxes to 20 boxes.
-VL01N: Return Delivery
-VL09: Goods Reversal. Read more

Guided Procedures Video Tutorials

Tale of an SAP Addict

Doctor: Please come in.
Patient: Thank you.
Doctor: What’s your name?
Patient: atejadag.
Doctor: That’s your name?
Patient: Yes. It’s my user name.
Doctor: Ok. Where do you live?
Patient: SE38.
Doctor: SE38? Read more

Usage Guide for Guided Procedures

This paper provides guidelines when using Guided Procedures on SAP NetWeaver 7.0. It includes typical business scenarios and recommendations when building processes, blocks, and callable objects.


Typical business scenarios for Guided Procedures
Recommendations Read more