How to debug an asset work list (WL)

In some cases, when releasing the WL, the task to be executed (mass retirement, mass transfer or mass substitution) is not completed and no errors are displayed indicating the cause of the problem. This makes it hard to identify the correction actions to be taken so to complete the task. A debugging is necessary to find out the root cause of this behavior.

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Changing an Account Group

This topic explains why and how one can change the account group for a customer.

If, for example, a customer who has always fulfilled the function of a payer then takes on the role of a sold-to party, you have to assign the new function to the customer. However, since screen and field selection in the customer master record are controlled by the account group, you can only assign the other function by changing the account group.
Changes to the account group and the accompanying partner functions can only be made from a lower level to a higher level. For example, this means that a sold-to party cannot be assigned the function of a payer as fields which have already been maintained for this sold-to party would have to be masked. However, you can assign the sold-to party function to a payer.

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Configuring Debug in Netweaver 04

Before any debugging can take place Server Node of J2EE cluster must first switched to debug mode
There are 2 ways of debugging

1) Temporary:For temporary switched debug mode ON using J2EE engine view in NWDS
2) Permanent.For permanent switched debug moce ON using J2EE Visual Administrator

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Parallel Accounting in New General Ledger

The new GL functions include “Parallel Accounting”, it’s an SAP feature where you can maintain different sets of books to satisfy all different requirements of Financial Statement users accurately, efficiently and effectively. Standard reports are already available and readily available to use.

How does Parallel Accounting works in SAP (FICO)? Requirement is; a leading ledger is created in the system (0L – ledger = GAAP). Then another ledger should be created and classified as non-leading ledger (1L – ledger = TAX).

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SAP Solution Manager:Definition, Advantages

What it is

SAP Solution Manager is the best way for a new customer to see what business processes come delivered in SAP systems. I meet with many new customers who want to immediately start creating workflows and process flows. SAP Solution Manager answers the question: “What business processes come delivered with SAP – as part of the standard application.”

It is also very useful for Upgrade or system maintenance.

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SAP HR Learning Guide for Beginners

This training tutorial is designed to help human resources (HR) administrators and executives, IT developers and members of the SAP ecosystem to oversee and utilize SAP HR, not only as a collection of tools but also as a single platform for monitoring, managing and analyzing an organization’s human resources. Navigate through the sections of this guide in order to understand the full organizational scope of human resources and get tips for SAP HR planning. Decide whether a business case for SAP HR exists in your organization; plan an SAP HR implementation; manage employees; build in organizational controls; discover powerful tips and tricks for executing SAP HR projects on the ground; prepare yourself for an SAP HR interview, SAP HR certification questions, or an SAP HR test; and kick-start human resources training.

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Events in Workflow

What are Events?

Events are actions that occur in the system and that acts as trigger point for any workflow. Eg. Sales order creation. is an event.

Eg; Consider a scenario where any sales order after creationi subject to approval from superior. So here a workflow comes into play.The workflow needs to start whenever a Sales order is created. The business object BUS2032 is associated to sales order creation. It has event CREATED. So the trigger point or ” START EVENTS ” in the workflow is the BUS2032 ‘s event CREATED.

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