ABAP Freak Shows: A Must Follow

Following Jon Reed’s twitter who also behind jonerp.com, i have met another great site that founded by a group specialize in enterprise software: enterprisegeeks.com. The guys there have already created many quality How To video series for ABAP so far. Some of them are:

You will also find posts for Netweaver, Webdynpro, Enhancement Packages and podcasts related to SAP there. Spread word about them, that way we will get more from them

Definition and Configuration of Split Valuation in SAP

Though known by many users, Split Valuation’s functionality is not known well by everyone. Split Valuation allows substocks of the same material to be managed in different stock accounts. This allows substocks to be valuated separately, and every transaction is carried out at the substock level. So, when processing a transaction, it is necessary to mention the substock. Split valuation requires that you have the Materials Management and Finance modules implemented. It also helps management accountants to get accurate information of actual value and and cost of particular stocks.
The split valuation is necessary if the material has:

  • Different Origins
  • Various Levels of Quality
  • Various Statuses
  • Difference between delivery times

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An Overview of SAP Enhancement Packages

SAP provides optionally installable Enhancement Packages which allows you to get innovations including new functional enhancements, simplifications, ES(Enterprise Services) Bundles on top of SAP ERP 6.0 without upgrading system.  In terms of effect, SAP Enhancement packages are lightweight compared to upgrades. You can view Enhancement Package contents by visiting SAP Service Marketplace. EhPs are cumulative, that is they are built on top of each other.  E.g, Installation of Enhancement Package 4 covers also previous EHP1, EHP2 and EHP3, so you don’t need to install previous packages seperately. Most common confuse about EHPs is of its function with Support Packages. EHPs are optional and contain new functionalities while Support Packages are mandatory and contain bug fixes. Read more

SAP HR End User Training Manuals

It is a indeed hard to find end-user training materials throughout web for your HR practice and study. Best reference for getting bits is SDN HCM Wiki Pages and answes to your HR related questions is SDN HCM Forums. Besides you can find here end-user training manuals that will guide you through procedural instructions for inputting and managing data in SAP HR module. Covered topics are;

  • Chapter 1 – HR Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Organizational Management
  • Chapter 3 – New Hire Actions
  • Chapter 4 – Other Personnel Actions
  • Chapter 5 – Benefits Management
  • Chapter 6 – Human Resource Reporting

You will also find Glossary and Appendix documents inside documents. Read more

Stock Types in SAP

Used in the determination of available stock of a material, the Stock Type is the sub-division of inventory at a storage location based on the use of that inventory. In SAP, there are many kinds of stock types:

Valuated Stocks are the stocks which belongs to your company. There are three types of valuated stocks

  • Unrestricted Stock is the physical stock that is always available at a plant/storage location
  • Quality Inspection Stock is not counted for unrestricted use and may be made available for MRP. To give an example, you want to do inspection on arrival, you shift your stock to Quality inspection stock then you do the quality inspection
  • Blocked stock is not counted as unrestricted stock and is not available for MRP.

Non Valuated stock is the stock which you will keep in your premised and this is not valuated in your company

  • The GR-blocked stock denotes all the stock accepted ‘conditionally’ from the vendors. This stock is not considered available for ‘unrestricted use.’ You will use the Movement Type 103 for the GR-blocked stock and Movement Type 101 is used for a normal GR.

Special stock is the stock managed separately that does not belong to company or that are stored at particular location

Tips and Tricks for ABAP Performance Tuning

ABAP is the universal language in most of SAP related Customizations. Almost in every SAP related projects, the focus is on getting ABAP programmers team as soon as possible, handing over the technical specifications to them and asking them to churn out the ABAP programs within the “given deadlines”.

Being added by Sachin Sarma in SCN Wiki, a simple steps of tutorials are provided for the following topics to make ABAP Programs running efficiently;

  • Working with Internal Tables
  • For All Entries
  • LOOP AT with WHERE clause
  • Using table buffering
  • Package size in SELECT statements
  • Speeding up table deletes
  • Accelerated LOOP with ASSIGN
  • Improve performance of SELECT

Reporting Tools in SAP

There are several methods to generate reports in SAP, including

  • ABAP List Processing (ABAP programming)
  • ABAP Query Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Query Reporting
  • Structural Graphics Reporting
  • Executive Information System
  • SAP Information System (report trees)

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