Getting a SAP Job

Getting a job in a computer-related field can be a challenge but the high pay makes it worth the effort. One of the most up and coming of these careers is known as SAP jobs. SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products. Below is information that can help you land a job working with this software. Read more

What Table and Field Is Your Data Stored In?

In some situations, you might want to know where data that appears on your screen is stored in the database. This is easy to do. For an example, navigate to the Logistics, Batch Analysis Selection screen using the transaction code /nMCBR. Place your cursor in the Storage Location field and select the F1 key on your keyboard. This launches the selection-sensitive help and typically provides a definition of the active field. Read more

Special Ledgers’ Transfer to New General Ledger

Only Special Ledgers that are compliant with the new General Ledger can and should be transferred to the new General Ledger. If you use additional currencies in a Special Purpose Ledger and want to replace this Special Purpose Ledger with the new General Ledger, you have to check the currencies used in the Special Purpose Ledger. The migration programs read the data in the original FI document. If the Special Purpose Ledger you want to replace uses a currency that is not contained in the original FI document, you cannot migrate this data to the new General Ledger. In this case, you must keep the relevant Special Purpose Ledger.

Integrated Upgrade for SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP+Java

For SAP NetWeaver release 7.10 and higher, as well as for all solutions on top of it, SAP provides a new upgrade tool which differs significantly from the previous release upgrade procedures. Yunong Zhangg, product specialist at SAP AG, introduces you the most substantial changes and improvements here. You can also view demo video he prepared to get a better insight of new upgrade tool.

Re-Order Point Procedure

The ‘Re-Order Point’ is the level of inventory that triggers material procurement. Once the inventory falls below this level, you need to create the order proposal either manually or automatically by the system.

In the case of the manual re-order point procedure, you will define the reorder point and the safety stock in the material master. On the other hand, in the automatic re-order point procedure, the system will calculate the re-order point and the safety stock based on the next period’s consumption pattern.

What is EAN?

The ‘EAN (International Article Number),’ equivalent to the UPC (Universal Product Code) of the United States, is an international standard number for identifying a material, which SAP allows you to assign (done in the ‘Eng./Design or Units of Measure’ screen) to the materials. The EAN is normally assigned to the manufacturer of a material. Made up of a prefix (to identify the country or company from where the material originates), article number, and a check digit (ensures correctness of an EAN number so that no incorrect entries are scanned or entered into the system).

Preliminary Postings in SAP

The  user  can  use  preliminary  postings  to  enter  and  store  incomplete  documents  in  the  system. Preliminary  postings  do  not  update  any  data  in  the  system,  such  as  amounts.    The  two  types  of preliminary postings are:

  • Parked Document
  • Hold Document

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