Weekly SDN Blog Updates: Barcode for Smartforms, Text Objects, ABAP Objects and more

Welcome to this week’s wrapup. There are a lot of updates;

  1. BARCODE In Smartforms: How to create, customize BARCODe in Smartforms
  2. This blog explains the creation of a BARCODE in smartforms and a Method to change TIMEZONE in SAP as well. Helpful documents for ABAP community creating smartforms with specific BARCODE functionality as asked by certain clients.

  3. Questioning Skills of Consultants; Asking the Right questions
  4. This blog discusses the approach of asking the right questions by Business Analysts and Technical developers to the right stakeholders.

  5. SAP + BusinessObjects = BI Self Services?
  6. Please read this blog if you want understand why summation of SAP and BusinessObjects is BI Self Services but not something else Read more

Internal Tables, Debugging and Reports in ABAP/4

In ABAP/4 you work mainly with tables. Long life data is stored in database tables. You cannot afford to lose data from database table. In such cases where you can not work directly with database table (where you are modifying contents of table or reorganizing the contents of table or any other case where you are altering contents of table and then displaying output to the user) hence need of intermediate table where you put in all the data from database table and work with this data thus avoiding accidental loss of data.

These intermediate tables are called INTERNAL TABLES in ABAP/4 and are created only during runtime i.e., no memory is reserved for internal tables. Read more

Tax Configuration

SAP takes care of tax calculation, tax postings, tax adjustments, and tax reporting through the three FI components; namely GL, AP, and AR.

SAP allows taxation at three levels:

  1. National level or federal level (Europe, South Africa, Australia, etc.)
  2. Regional or jurisdiction level (USA)
  3. National and Regional level (India, Canada, Brazil etc.)

As the requirement of tax configuration in SAP you should define the following; Read more

Accounts Payable End User Manuals

Find below step by step for overall processes with screenshots for the following topics:

  1. Block/Unblock Vendor – FK05
  2. Cheque with Alternative Payee Payment Processing – FB60
  3. Re-Issuance of Cheque-Simultaneous Void of Cheque&Issuance – FBZ5
  4. Staff Reimbursement Through Cheque – F-53
  5. Vendor/Customer Reconciliation Account Management – ZVCG

Read more

Object Orientation Concept for ABAP Programmers

The purpose of this introduction to Object-orientation is to provide interested readers with a brief overview of this new software development technique. The introduction does not provide a deep understanding of object-orientation and so should not be used as a replacement for a training course or for more detailed reading.  ABAP/4 programming knowledge will help you to understand this introduction. ABAP/4 programming knowledge will help you to understand this introduction. The programming language ABAP/4 was renamed ABAP Objects after the introduction of object orientation. Read more

SAP and Football Commercial

I have just met an SAP Commercial at another SAP Blog ITC Server that managed by a Turko like me:) If you can’t see video directly click on post title. It is great!

SAP People to Follow on Twitter

Recently becoming one of the best communication tool, Twitter has been widely used also by a large number of SAP users. Here is the my personal list you should follow to get tips, information and maybe support. The list is not based on the famous users or the ones that have most followers but only i find useful to follow and more importantly they really are knowledgeable folks. You can also find me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/eddai.

Not in any particular order;

  1. Jon Reed@Jonerp – Jon Reed of JonERP.com is an SAP Mentor who blogs and podcasts on SAP skills trends, with a dash of BS-Free Web 2.0 bootstrappin’
  2. Mark Finnern@finnern – SAP Chief Community Evangelist aka Community Guy
  3. Craig Cmehil@ccmehil – Community and Technology Evangelist in the Enterprise World
  4. Oliver Kohl@oliver – Coder, Consultant, SAP Mentor, Mac Fanboy, iPhone Addict, Cake Baker, Music Lover & Fashion Victim
  5. Michael Koch@pixelbase – SAP Development Consultant, SAP Mentor
  6. Alvaro Tejada@blag – Senior ABAP Consultant, Scripting Languages Geek, SAP Mentor, Blogger, Programming books author
  7. Thomas Jung@thomas_jung – SAP NetWeaver Product Manager – specializing in Development Tools and UI Strategy
  8. Ram Manohar Tiwari@rmtiwari – Passionate about Programming & SAP . SAP Dev Principal Consultant
  9. Martin Gillet@MGILLETSAP HCM Consultant and trainer, SAP Mentor, Passionate over ERP Processes

This is limited list but another list created by @oliver, you can follow many SAP Mentors, Employee, Consultants at SAP Affinity Group. I do not know the criterias but if you are a usual SAP User just like me, you are not recommended to edit wiki and add your account there. Unique people are there in list!. Instead you can join wefollow.com’s SAP Group